Banners hung at off-campus home upsets many

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Norfolk, Va. – Old Dominion University officials took time from their weekend to respond to some banners hung up at an off-campus home that are upsetting many.

Banners up at off-campus house near ODU

“At ODU, we foster a community of respect and dignity and these messages sickened us,” said ODU spokeswoman Giovanna Genard in a statement provided to NewsChannel 3.

The signs displayed at a home on 43rd street had messages like:

    • “Rowdy and Fun. Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time.”
    • “Freshman daughter drop off.”
    • “Go ahead and drop off mom too.”

ODU officials say they believe the people who live at the private residents are students and say they are investigating. The University sent this statement in full:

“Messages like the ones displayed yesterday by a few students on the balcony of their private residence are not and will not be tolerated. The moment University staff became aware of these banners, they worked to have them removed. At ODU, we foster a community of respect and dignity and these messages sickened us. They are not representative of our 3,000 faculty and staff, 25,000 students and our 130,000 alumni.

Ours is a community that works actively to promote bystander intervention and takes a stand denouncing violence against women. The “It’s on Us” video is just one example of ODU students’ leadership on this topic.

In addition, the University ensures all students receive education on the prevention of sexual harassment and relationship violence.

Any student found to have violated the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.”

The banners also prompted a response from ODU’s Student Government Association:

“An incident occurred this weekend that does not reflect the University’s commitment to the prevention of Sexual Assault and Dating Violence. Not only do these actions taken by a few individuals undermine the countless efforts at Old Dominion University to prevent sexual assault, they are also unwelcoming, offensive, and unacceptable,” said Chris Ndiritu, President of the Student Government Association.

Students tell NewsChannel 3 there are Sigma Nu fraternity brothers that live in the home.

ODU President John R. Broderick sent this message to faculty, staff and students:

“Dear Colleague:

I am outraged about the offensive message directed toward women that was visible for a time on 43rd Street. Our students, campus community and alumni have been offended.

While we constantly educate students, faculty and staff about sexual assault and sexual harassment, this incident confirms our collective efforts are still failing to register with some.

A young lady I talked to earlier today courageously described the true meaning of the hurt this caused. She thought seriously about going back home.

But she was heartened, she explained, when she saw how fellow students were reacting to this incident on social media. She realized this callous and senseless act did not reflect the Old Dominion she has come to love.

The Student Government Association has recently developed the “Monarchs Raising Up” campaign educating our students on prevention of sexual and relationship violence, bystander intervention, and off-campus responsible behavior. Through video, online and in-person content, we layer education on these topics for all of our students throughout the year. All new freshman just received education this weekend on preventing discrimination and sexual assault in sessions we call “First Class.”

Here is a link to a video from our student leaders responding to this event–just one example of how Old Dominion University students take a stand every day in regards to respecting each other and promoting responsible behavior:

I said at my State of the University address that there is zero tolerance on this campus for sexual assault and sexual harassment. This incident will be reviewed immediately by those on campus empowered to do so. Any student found to have violated the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.


John R. Broderick”

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  • Kevin Rahe

    The problem in our society is that as soon as something once considered taboo becomes “okay,” it becomes a right that cannot be denied. Until we as a society once again promote the message that sex outside of marriage is ALWAYS a mistake, we will continue to witness nonsense such as this and worse.

          • Kevin Rahe

            So if your wife had gotten pregnant when you were (presumably) committed to be married, but had not yet done so, would it have affected your marriage plans?

          • Roger banner

            *if* my wife had gotten pregnant it would not have affected our plans. But you said *always* and are now saying *if*- the two statements are incongruous.

          • Kevin Rahe

            So you might have had a child together before being married, and not called that a mistake? In any case, I take it that your position is that it’s okay to have sex once you’re at least committed to be married. If only that was what most people meant when they say that sex outside of marriage is okay.

          • Kevin Rahe

            And I would still tell anyone who says it’s okay to have sex once you’re engaged that it’s a mistake. One of the most important things couples do while engaged is learn more about each other and details about how they live their lives, including how they relate to their family, manage their finances, spend their time, etc. If any of those things raise red flags for one partner, they’re still free to call the whole thing off. But they may feel they have much less freedom to do that if they’ve already been intimate with each other, let alone if they already have a child together. I also say that if a couple can go through all the challenges of planning a wedding and a honeymoon, and deciding where they’ll live, who will manage the finances and how they’ll make decisions once they’re married, and they’re still together when they get to their wedding day WITHOUT having formed a physical bond with each other, their marriage will be much more likely to survive the inevitable trials that all couples go through.