GVSU welcomes new class of students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALLENDALE, Mich. - The big week is here for college freshmen.  Time to move in for college!

It's not exactly spacious, but GVSU Freshman Jackson Glynn still has high hopes for his dorm room.

 He said, “We have our microwave, mini fridge, and drinks to go along with it."

 And also for his first year as a Laker.

 “I’m looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people, having a blast, just doing whatever is fun around here."

 On a big day like this, mom’s dad’s, even little sisters are pitching in.

 Jackson’s father, Todd said, “It’s been shuttling cars through here pretty quick."

"Quick” is exactly what GVSU police are hoping for.

GVSU Officer, Collin Wallace said, “We're trying to keep things pretty organized and only send people back when we have room for them, so we don't get too bunched up."

In what traditionally can only be described as pure chaos - the college has come up with a pretty streamlined process.

Officer Wallace said, “We're trying to get the students to check in, while their parents unload the vehicles here on the grass area, then move the vehicles to the parking lot, so everyone else has the opportunity to move in here as well, then get all their extra stuff inside.”

Volunteers are on hand to help families with the heavy lifting, but even with all that help, Jackson says everyone should bring reinforcements.
“Maybe bring some more helpers to help you move in, so your stuff isn't just left outside waiting to be picked up."

It's just the start of a long week, so Officer Wallace has some tips of his own for the rest of those moving days.

He said, “Just be safe, have fun, enjoy your time being here, and if you come early, hopefully we can get you out quick."

As for what family members may want their students to take into consideration

“Pack smaller!"

Students started moving in to Grand Valley State University over the weekend, but more are starting Monday.  For the thousands of new Grand Valley students, there is a schedule of which dorms and apartment buildings open for move in first.  Click here for the schedule.  Grand Valley also publishes a Move In Guide.

Other area schools are also welcoming their students this week.  You can add your photos below.


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