Veteran project tabled over location concerns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Georgetown Township needs a site to honor veterans. On this much, township officials and residents can agree. But a location – that’s a different story.

The proposed site for the park at the busy intersection of Chicago Drive and Main Street is an issue many residents are up in arms about, and one that was furiously discussed at Monday night’s township meeting.

Among those in attendance for the opposition was Jacqueline Larkin, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran. “I feel like I can’t let these veterans and residents down and not try to fight for what they feel is right for what’s supposed to be built for them,” said Larkin.

The site has fostered disagreement in the community for a number of reasons. Of course, there’s the matter of the busy intersection, which would make getting to the site a difficult and potentially dangerous task. Then there's the noise which could be a potential trigger for many veteran’s PTSD. Further, the site is also a flood zone and downwind from a sewage plant.

Also in question is the purpose of the site. At its conception, it was meant to be a memorial site to honor veterans who lost their lives. But somewhere along the nearly two-year planning phase, the site turned into a plaza meant to solely honor those veterans who are still living and serving.

Larkin and several dozen others crammed into the township hall Monday night to voice their concern over the site, with some success. In the end, officials decided to postpone the project until a desirable location that suits both sides could be decided upon.

“I think the reality is regardless of what the intent, what we’re hearing consistently from folks is they’re feeling disrespected by the location, and I don’t want that to fall on deaf ears,” said township trustee Chad Tuttle.

Officials did not set a date to take up the matter again.

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  • Julie

    about time they listen, they seem to have a major problem with listening to the residents in the community. The board is taking actions that make no sense to the people living in the community. It is past time for the board to listen to the people instead of just making decisions that do not fit the needs of the township.

    • Ella

      They won’t listen so it’s time they get voted out. People need to use some common sense instead of just voting for family/friends/familiar name.

  • Ella

    Everyone on the township board needs to be voted out. They don’t make one single decision that is good for the residents.
    Muffler shops, auto parts stores, second hand shops. And the kicker – more apartments right off the highway. Yeah, that’s going to attract a wonderful element to the area………
    God forbid they got Target to stay in town. Or the many restaurants that wanted to move in.