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Shooting reported on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Grand Rapids Police responded just before 5 a.m. to reports of shots fired in the 100 block of Carrier Street NE Thursday.

One man was hit in the hip when several rifle shots were fired at a house. He was taken to the hospital and was reported in stable condition.

One neighborhood resident told FOX 17 News he heard a number of gunshots.

If you have information, call Grand Rapids Police at 616-456-3400 or anonymously leave information with Silent Observer at at 616-774-2345.



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  • Steven W.

    Awww, the poor drug dealer got shot. And our tax money is going to pay for his medical care. I thought this country was run under the assumption that criminals do not get the same rights as the rest of us. That if you break the law, your rights get suspended. If this was a known drug house, as the police have reported on other news station, they should either confiscate the property and arrest those living there, or they should quit their jobs. In either case, known drug houses should have first-responder rights revoked. No firemen, no EMT’s, and no police except to arrest everyone as suggested above. Known drug houses should also be illegal to insure. The whole concept of a “known drug house” is itself an indication of how askew our legal system has gotten. “Known drug houses” should only even exist for a matter of minutes.
    Enforce the law, and revoke the rights of criminals.

    • CommomSense

      Withhold medical treatment until the necessary answers are given by the perp. I’m sure that when this little boys family gets to the media, it will be all about him changing his life around for the better and being made a target by local police enforcement. Now the crime is not waiting for the sun to come up.

    • no name

      First of get your facts right this young man was and is not a drug dealer nor is it a drug house. He in fact works full time to take care of his young son who was in the house when some person randomly targeted the house.

  • Bruce

    I read a post where someone said said to build a wall around inner city’s . I am thinking this should be done before building a wall on our borders. At least the Mexicans are looking for work, these inner city losers are only looking for trouble. Their money is from Government , drugs, and stealing. They don’t want to work

  • MacZeff

    lets see.. the usual group of comments, including 1 AH who spams the comments with some lame attempt to get people into a scam for money.

    Fact is, shootings seem to be on the rise in G.R. Maybe its cause detroit shut down and a lot of its undesirables migrated to the west side of the state. I hear the other cities, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon are also experiencing higher levels of this kind of activity. Muskegon Heights has always been bad, and its gotten worse too, from what I hear from friends that live near it.

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