Teenager shot in shoulder in northwest Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids police say that a teenager was shot in the shoulder Saturday morning by an assailant wearing a white mask.

Around 9:45 AM, the 15-year-old was shot near the corner of Jackson Place and Chatham St.

Police say that the assailant was a man wearing a white mask. He was seen fleeing the area in a silver SUV.

The teenager was taken to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital for his non-life threatening injuries.

Anyone with information is encouragedĀ to share with the Grand Rapids Police Department atĀ 616.456.3403.


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    • shyann

      Well the boy in the hospital is my little brother im sure if it was someone close to you , You woudnt want anyone saying something like this . Its Disrecpectful because you dont know him to even relate a message based off what you think but you know nothing!!!!!!!!!

  • Shirley Van Toff

    More GR shootings…this is what happens when you bail out places like Detroit. This is what happens when you adopt the mindset that it is wrong to “leave a child behind”. This is what happens when you place the rights of criminals on equal footing with the rights of law-abiding citizens. And more locally speaking, this is what happens when you don’t hire the police chief candidate who has the demonstrated experience, in favor of hiring someone who is connected to the local establishment. Rahinsky is ineffectual and obviously clueless. We are paying for it with our lives, and when tourists stop coming here because they are afraid for their safety we will also pay with our money.

    • TJHall

      What does bailing out Detroit have to do with this shooting? Rahinsky hasn’t been around long enough to determine if he’s clueless or not. I remember attending a stop the violence rally under the old police chief. I see a steady trend regardless of whose the chief. When tourist stop coming here (and you wrote it like they are dodging bullets) it will be because the city has turned a blind eye to their neighborhoods. Their only focus is downtown and to the colleges. Eventually all that will be left will be criminals and college kids.

    • steve thomas

      Chief Rahinsky is far from clueless, but the residents in the inner city are. Until the law abiding people decide to “grow a pair” and turn in the thugs that are stealing a peaceful way of life they want, nothing’s gonna change. Take back the community from the bad guys.