Non-Michigander lists 10 great things about Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A writer for Thought Catalog has posted a list of 10 things she loves about Michigan, acknowledging in the title of her post that she is a non-Michigander.

In her list of 10 great things about the Mitten state, writer Meagan Meldrim mentions everything from Michigan’s hospitality to college rivalries, to unique food and beverage offerings.

Click here to read her full list.

Do you, as a Michigander, agree with the items in her list?

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  • Bruce

    The list is stupid.. College rivalries ?? Come on adults grow up, stop rooting for a sport you were too little and too uncoordinated to play. Michigan bs Michigan state , who cares, thought college was about education and less about athletic thugs who were born athletic. And. Brewery is on the list, stupid yeah we need more of those. People aren’t friendly here either, their a bunch of fat losers

  • Steven V.

    Friendly? Has this person ever travelled south of Ohio? Pass someone in the street here and they avert their eyes! Pass someone in the street in any southern state and you get looked in the eye and at the very least get a verbal “Hi!”. Here, should you inadvertantly make eye contact, all you get is a nod, followed by a rapid averting of the eyes to their “socially acceptable position”.
    Also, what she perceieves as college rivalry is actually simple general rivalry, which we have as a defense mechanism here in MI. We perceive everyone as a rival, even those who attend the same college we do, who work at the same jobs we do, who attend the same social functions we do, etc. It stems from a shortage of resources. A sense of competition for everything is part of our lives, and it is no surprise that it manifests itself in the area of intra-college competition.
    Yes, we do have 4 seasons, and that variety is something which most other states don’t have. It should be remembered however, that one of them (winter) is freaking cruel here most the time, and that having 4 seasons means that we only see the sun a third of the year…the rest of the time it is grey. Again, for many of us it is well worth it, but for most people it is not. She is spot on about the beauty, however. I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, and acre for acre there are very few places that can compare to the beauty here in MI. But that is painting a rosy and biased picture, because there is also some equally comparable levels of ugliness here. A lack of resilient infrastructure helps keep this state largely in poverty, making quality education relatively rare and hard to get. That in turn feeds the cycle of poverty, contributing to violence and urban blight and continually forcing us into a vicious cycle. Government corruption in this state is on a par with Chicago, but because we are small and relatively inconsequential in terms of national politics that corruption goes largely undetected and/or ignored.
    And finally we come to the Lakes. Which we do have…for the moment. The federal government is doing nothing to protect the largest source of fresh water on the planet from active threats that it has known about for 50 years or more, let alone newly discovered threats, because there is too much money to be made in allowing the abuse of this crucially important natural resource to continue. That the lakes are currently an attraction is indeed “Great”. But to look at them closely and see what is being done to them, what the governments in charge of protecting them are allowing to happen to them, is not attractive at all. It is not only revolting, but it is incredibly scary to anyone who knows anything about hydrobiology. Without the Great Lakes as a fresh water source, millions and millions of people will die.
    So yes, welcome to Michigan. Where reality is not as pretty as it is in Hollywood, but the people are stronger and can do more with less than anywhere else on the planet.