Nurses go after ‘The View’ for criticizing Miss America contestant

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

During the 2016 Miss America Pageant on Sunday (Sept. 13), Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson performed a monologue in which she talked about her profession as a nurse for the talent portion.

On Monday’s “The View,” co-host Michelle Collins poked fun at the monologue, saying Johnson “basically read her emails out loud — and shockingly did not win.” Collins adds, “She helps patients with Alzheimer’s, which is not funny, but I swear, you had to see it.”

But the comment from “The View” that is earning some backlash online comes from Joy Behar, who quips during the segment, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck?”

Video of the segment is here, starting just before the 3-minute mark.

Nurse Hilary Helkenn posted a response to Facebook, writing, “It is a NURSE stethoscope too. I use it to listen to a child’s lungs, so I can quickly get them to the appropriate level of care, reassuring both child and parent. I also use it to listen to our elderly loved ones, who sometimes have aging hearts that go into abnormal rhythms. It is the NURSE that usually sees the patient first, and it is often the NURSE that notifies the doctor of what is going on.Your comments denigrated our most noble profession. You owe all of the nurses of this world an apology.”

Other viewers upset by Behar’s comments are chiming in on Twitter.

As far as Miss Colorado’s talent goes, Twitter was divided. Everyone agreed nursing is a noble profession, but not everyone thought the monologue was an actual talent.

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  • Brittany

    Anyone who thinks being a nurse isn’t a talent is a fool. I challenge anyone not in the nursing field to spend a week in our shoes. See how we care for strangers, how we comfort them, make them feel safe in their darkest moments. Watch us comfort the families of those we care for, assure them that we’ll take care of their loved ones while in our care. Watch us share stories with our patients, reminding them that they’re more than just a diagnosis, a room number, another responsibility. Stay after our shifts to finish up paperwork because we realized that an extra few minutes with some of our patients would mean far more to them than an hour or two more of sleep world mean to us. Nursing is more than a talent, it’s not only learned, it’s who we are, everyday, whether we’re on the clock or not. Thank you to all of the health care professionals out there doing their part. God bless.

  • Lisa Bembeneck

    When one of you are in the hospital who do you think will take care of you for 12 hours, the doctor, NOT. You will be luck if they spend 15 minutes with you. Who is the one looking after your better interest, the patient advocate. You owe all of us all over the world a big apology. We are not luck enough to sit on tv and criticize others. We work hard on our feet all day for 12 hours. There are many days we do not get breaks, lunch or bathrooms breaks. I will not be watching this show ever again. A nurse from Northern Lower Michigan.

  • Samantha

    You should be absolutely ashamed of downgrading nurses and calling it a “Dr’s stethoscope”. Do you really think the Dr’s do anything other than put orders in the computer, see you for 5 minutes, and then leave. No they absolutely do not. I work 12hrs on midnights from 7pm to normally 9am because nurses never get off on time. I also work in critical care. I use my stethoscope hourly to listen to lungs to make sure they are clear and there is no fluid in them and no infection and that my patient is breathing properly. Especially if they have a ventilator or have a hole in their neck to breathe called a tracheostomy. I also listen to hearts. I take care of people who have had open heart surgery, that have chest tubes, that have wires who pace their heart, who are highly likely to go into an abnormal heart rhythm. When a patient goes into a bad rhythm, or their heart stops beating, or they stop breathing I am the first one in the room doing cpr and using an ambu bag. Im breathing for the patient and pumping their heart trying to keep oxygen to the brain and the organs and hopefully restarting the heart and saving their lives. Your nurses will save your life at your bedside not your doctor. We do all of this after standing for 12 hours with no breaks, no lunch, not being able to use the restroom because we are constantly at the bedside giving care. Maybe all of you should spend one day in a hospital following a nurse and see exactly what it is that we do. Walk the walk before you talk the talk.

    • pandi

      Nursing is a great profession and nurses are necessary for good patient care , this is a fact. What is not factual about your comment is that doctors apparently do nothing but sit at a computer. This comment is unbelievably rude, offensive and misinformed. I am a medical resident and I work upwards of 70 hours a week almost every week. I sit at the patient’s bedside , I address their concerns as well as their nurses concerns , I cry with them and hold their hands through rough times. Just because I do those things doesn’t mean other healthcare professionals do not. You don’t need to put down other people to show your worth .

  • Kathleen Wertz

    Hmm, I wonder, shouldn’t your talent be your profession?! I mean if what you are really good at could and should be your profession. Something that you are passionate about and have a talent for…sounds like a dream job to me.

  • Lynne Nichter

    A nurse is the one who administers your meds during a cardiac arrest while her co workers are giving compressions to your dying heart. It is the nurse who provides comfort to not only you but your family when there is worry. It is the nurse who is like a crocodile biting the doctors ass to come to the bedside during an emergency simply to tell them what needs to be done. Yes we are there for 12 hours plus monitoring your ventilator and heart monitor without a bathroom break. Please don’t credit the doctors for everything. I invite Joy to spend the day with me and my daughter who happens to be a nurse…..Then Joy let’s here you yap yap yap! Doesn’t take much talent to sit your ass in front of a camera and have someone primp and fuss to make you look improved. I challenge her to do something nice for a nurse maybe a spa day like she gets to enjoy.
    WISHFUL THINKING~ From a well seasoned nurse~ Lynne Nichter

  • Stephen Williams

    Shame on you Joy Behar! When your heart goes into an irregular rhythm in the middle of the night and you are in the hospital, I wonder if the doctor will come in to help you or diagnose you as you apparently think nurses are too stupid to use a stethoscope! I hope your stay on the View is short and the show has lost another viewer because of this!

  • Rose H

    Is it time for nurses to #boycotttheview? I think so. Learn about the profession before you talk crap, especially on national television!

  • Jocelyn Browne

    For all those who bash her for using her profession as her talent…what if she was a professional musician and used that as her talent? Would that be ok? Some people are so ignorant.

    • Gigi

      Obviously back in the gap baton twirling was more acceptable than a young woman who could have impacted many many young girls to go to school to become a nurse!

  • Christine Porter

    To the Lovely Ladies of the View,
    As I am often too busy to catch much of anything on daytime television, I have found that there is one topic that Joy and Michelle Collins decided to act as if they were the immature mean girls of high school when they spoke of Miss Colorado and her Nursing Uniform along with her monologue.
    First, I want to address a little something to Ms. Collins; You spoke of Miss Colorado reading her “emails” as her monologue. You found it interesting to imply that she was not intelligent enough to recall her own words while oddly enough, YOU often read from cards and teleprompters. Does this too indicate your lack of education and ability to speak with intelligence independently? I dare say that your actions are quite hypocritical! Great example for you to demonstrate your lack of own self reflection and integrity. Instead of being that “mean girl,” YOU should be lifting women up and praising them for what they do instead of being the immature judgmental child you acted as such.
    Now, to the nursing issue…
    I am a nurse. NOT just a nurse, I am a great nurse with an advanced nursing degree and I find that my talent, though not as meek as yours, is by far more skilled than anything YOU could do at any given moment of any given day. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. I actually had the privilege of meeting Miss. Symone in Manhattan lastnight and she beautifully and quite kindly took time out of her personal space to talk with my daughter and my friend’s daughter. I was so honored because Miss Symone is such a great example for our young ladies to follow! I was quite happy with her statements on your show regarding pageants! Now, back to my rant!
    You act as though nurses don’t have talent. Do you know what talent is? It may be opera singing for some, dancing for another, acting for a few, public speaking for some, the list goes on. Well, let me tell you about MY talent. I am NOT JUST a nurse, I AM a Nurse and it takes great education and even greater talent than you might think! I am a NICU RN with additional certification in critical care. Since you may not understand MY world, let me enlighten you what my talent is. I meet babies born at 23 weeks of gestation and sometimes weighing less than a pound! I use my “doctor’s stethoscope” which is actually not a doctor’s stethoscope, it is a Neonatal Stethoscope which is about the size of a nickle! I can listen to a 1 pound baby’s heart and know that the blood flow is not as it should be and that ducts are not closing therefore I know I have to seek out varied other signs of failure in this kitten sized baby. I use that same tiny stethoscope and listen to two very tiny lungs over several fields and have to listen ever so closely to know if there is a pneumothorax (collapse of a lung), stridor, wheezing or anything else that might affect such premature lungs. I also have the talent to maintain an airway of this less than one pound person so that they can continue to breath. I have the talent of inserting an IV into a vein no bigger than a piece of tiny string! I have the talent to help prevent an infection that would be detrimental to life, just as Florence Nightingale did! I have the talent to lift this baby with one hand, change a diaper, change a bed, reposition, suction all while singing and soothing the baby at the same time! I have the talent to take a terrified mother and father and take them from moments of panic to moments of trust and peace. I have a talent to love unconditionally, a child, a person, a culture without judgement for my heart is vast and kind and has the ability to simply love, not hate! I have the talent to sit with a family of a baby/patient who is dying and hold their hands and their hearts close to mine and while doing this, I help them take what would be a horrifically painful moment in their lives and bring peace and comfort during this process! I have the talent to calculate medication dosing in a fraction of second in the process of saving a baby’s life. I have the talent to SAVE lives, give CPR to a baby barely bigger than a baby doll from Toys R Us. I have the talent to laugh and cry with you. I have the talent support my colleagues in all they do as we are a unified front! I have the talent to continue the growth of my mind and soul with greater knowledge and greater experience. I have the talent that has allowed me to travel to Africa on a mission of nursing care and deliver a baby in less than optimal environments and safe that baby’s life whereas if I had not been there, she would have died! I have the talent to juggle these 13 – 14 hour shifts on minimal sleep and still be superb at what I do! I have the talent to work a 13 hour shift, not eat, not rest, not sit and not use the restroom and while doing so, keep going as if I had just risen from a night’s slumber without missing a step! I have the talent to juggle ALL of this and be the wife of a Police Officer, the mother to 4 children and Grandmother to 1. I have the talent to volunteer and stretch a minute and juggle everything on my own! I have the talent, to bring good health and most importantly, I have the talent to love as only a Nurse can! So, with all of this said, the next time you see a nurse in uniform, it is NOT a costume, it is the cape and uniform which saves lives and one day, when your tear filled terrified eyes are peering up at a nurse, like me, remember that YOU want her to be talented because she, like me, can bring you peace and health in but a moment in time and THAT takes more talent than sitting in front of a television camera, reading from a teleprompter and picking on people because she isn’t what YOU want her to be!
    What is your talent? Hmmmm. Me? I am a Nurse!

    • Donna

      God bless you. I loved your response. I’ve always been an admirer of anyone in the medical profession so this comment had me blinking with shock. For something so cruel and unfeeling to be said by this woman only showed everyone how totally useless she herself is. Perhaps she should try getting a real job?

    • Paula Button

      Thank you for such a fabulous reply! My daughter is also a nurse juggling numerous hats….
      I could not be prouder. Behar is beyond ignorant ….

  • Marsha

    Nurses save lives with the help of the stethescope. Nursing is a talent and a profession! Not everyone can do it. You also have to have common sense to do the job. Obviously those on the view have none!

  • Kim

    This is nothing compared to what has been said about teachers! They are in it for the money, you have to watch them because they are all child molesters and the list goes on and on! When people would ask me what do I do, I often hesitated because of the bad stigma the media has portrayed ALL educators to be!

  • Ginger

    Nursing isn’t JUST a talent or a skill. It’s also a gift and we are blessed to have so many willing to share theirs with us. AND if you think performing a monologue isn’t a talent, then you should look into some of the work of Sir Laurence Olivier, Jimmy Stewart, Dame Maggie Smith, Sean Conery… the list goes on. It’s a talent.

  • Laura canniff

    Why is it that our society views “talent” as something that has to be entertaining? Talent comes in many forms. It takes talent to speak to someone loving and have patience. Not everyone can do that. It takes a special person to care for elderly. Not everyone can do that or we wouldn’t have so many nursing homes. It takes talent and creativity to do crafts or to design clothes, but I’m sure you won’t see that on some show called Ms. America. The talent Ms. Colorado has carries over to many aspects in life and will go much farther to connect with the human sprit than playing an instrument.

  • Sandra Santilli

    Why you would choose to pick on a nurse on your televised show is beyond me. Shame on you for being so shallow and for downgrading a professions that is essential to the health and well-being of so many people. Please use your time to praise the profession, not belittle it .

  • CCTA

    I’m not a nurse, but I have dear friends who are. My mother worked as a nurse in critical care for 35years and is now a highly respected educator who shares her wealth of knowledge to other fellow nurses. I worked in the ICU with her for 10 years as a critical care technician and coodinator. She inspired me to go back to go back to college. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in health administration management. Currently, I am working on my Master’s Degree so I may educate others. Let me educate you ladies. First and foremost, there is no such thing as a Doctors Stethescope. It is simply a stethoscope. Nurses are the ones who answer your call bells, help you walk to the bathroom after surgery to make sure you don’t fall (while holding there own bladder for God knows how long), feed those unable to feed themselves, while if they were lucky had a cracker or two in between documenting notes, making sure you get the medications you need. The nurse is the initial one who will find you if you code on the floor, prepare emergency life saving techniques until a crash cart and physician arrive to determine whether you will live or die…and if it weren’t for that nurse, reporting to the doctor her wealth of knowledge on your vitals, medications and last dose, how many meals you ate that day, how long it has been since you used the bathroom, whether or not doctor so and so came by to give his professional opinion BASED on the nurses findings and maintenance..if it weren’t for that nurse, the patient advocate, fighting for your life, you’d be dead. So before you open your mouth to talk trash about someone ladies, especially a woman who has dedicated her profession to taking care of others and often showing compassion where it isn’t given back… take a good look in the mirror. You could learn a lot from Miss Colorado.

  • Craig

    Many peoples talents are their profession. Sure are a lot of narrow minded people out their. So miss CO is not talented because she poured her efforts into learning how to care for others rather than violin or singing lessons to entertain others. Im sure I would rather her come into my room and sooth me with comforting words and a gentle hand rather than play a song or dance in my room.

  • Samuel

    I am a doctor. I am here to show solidarity with this nurse and all nurses in fact. I don’t understand why any one on the View would dare criticize Miss Colorado. But please don’t make the same mistake they did and start berating doctors. Defend the nurse but there is no need to attack us in the process.

  • Parallel Joe

    The view hires failed actors and comedians to talk about real life, something neither of have been exposed to or lived in a very long time, if ever. They always put their feet in their mouths, and show just how disassociated they are from society.

  • Donna Cunetto

    Miss Colorado’s talent was heartfelt and totally much better than trying to warble “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or twirl a baton and pretend you have a talent. The ladies on The View need to know what it is like to have a profession you can be proud of and not just run their mouths on subjects they obviously know nothing about.

  • Maria Rodriguez

    It seems that Joy Behar had little knowlege about medicine and things related to it. It is good to do some homework before making any comments of anything or anybody, because she sounds stupid or never had been in a hospital or emergency room.

  • Day

    I’m not a fan of the view at all and I think their comments were immature.

    That being said the problem of Miss Colorodo’s talent was that it can not be adequately demonstrated on stage. A monologue, which surmounts to a humble brag is not demonstrating said talent. For all we know she could actually be an aweful nurse, not very gifted, as easily as she could be a good one.

    I for one am thankful for those in the medical field and do not intend to offend but just because one is a nurse, and just because one monologues about it hardly demonstrates that you are in fact talented in the area.

    I can claim to be great at anything but usually competition demands actual demonstration- and soon you profession- specifically nursing or any other professions which can not be adequately judged on stafe do not count as a “talent” though one may in fact be a gifted individual. Thus the reason things such as singing or performance based talents are popular.

  • Susan

    Nursing is not only a noble, humbling profession, it is an art. We share our hearts, talent and lives to help heal and restore the lives of others. Despite whatever context the “doctors stethoscope” comment was made or other negative statements made, I am strong and know my role and worth in my profession as a nurse. Awesome testimony Miss Colorado!! Keep your head up, “let your haters be your motivators” and most importantly, keep growing and perfecting your “art”.

  • Theresa Dodd

    Sounds like Joy and that other one thought Miss Colorado was trying to pretend to be something she’s not by using the stethoscope as a prop. It may be a prop for you, girls, but it ‘s no prop for a real nurse. We’re not pretending. It’s clear that the speakers on The View don’t know what they were talking about. They need to abandon their TV-style view of nursing and nurses and find out what’s really going on out here. Since there is not one single thing on TV that accurately represents nursing, they will need to look beyond the ends of their little noses.

  • Nicole Lundy

    So in light of recent commentary about nurses and what we do….I need to say something.

    I have worked in the emergency room for more than 15 years. I am a mom, nurse, wife, student, and friend.

    An average day on the job can vary from day to day. Nurses are on the front lines of healthcare. When patients come in they are assessed by a nurse. We examine patients determine what needs to be done….and order necessary tests according to protocol. Many times asking for additional orders from the physician that fall outside of these cookbook orders. We critically think. We take care of rich, poor, mentally ill, and all walks of life. We manage low blood pressure, bloody diarrhea, Babies in respiratory distress, drug overdoses, women in labor, strokes, cardiac arrest, and every other complaint that walks through the door. We juggle our stroke patients and heart attacks with the belligerent drunk who keeps urinating on the floor. We explain everything. We hold hands of the dying when noone is there. We reevaluate our interventions and continually question care. We catch the subtlest of hints our patients are about to take a turn for the worst. We manage medications and education. We are first in line to stay late and last for a meal or bathroom break. We call gift of life, children and youth the coroner and the families…returning to the next room with a smile to begin again. We calculate dosages of medication and double check the pharmacy. We question and clarify orders because we are at the top of our game. We do cpr, and hold hands. We are mothers, counselors, educators, negotiators, math whizzes, comedians, social workers, detectives, and servers. We have a thankless job but one of the most rewarding professions around. We are skilled, educated, professionals. We sit on councils, attend meetings, and bring out change within the hospitals and clinics. We care for others on holidays, birthdays, and away from our own families. We are healthcare at its finest. We work short staffed without compromising care. We are nurses….with our own stethoscopes.

  • Linda

    I have been in the medical field for 30 years. Everyone of you that have posted a reply here must be in the profession in some way or form. I am not a nurse but have worked with those professional women, and in some cases men, for those 30 years, I have helped clean bed pans, pulled patients up, answered call bells, put up with Dr’s throwing charts at nurses because the order was not right, ( which wasn’t the nurses fault.) I have seen nurses run into rooms without giving it a second thought when a patient calls out. Answered questions from Dr’s about patients, done patient admissions, transcribed Dr’s orders, been yelled at over the phone by various other department workers ie: lab tech’s , xray tech’s ect. . I have no degree just a certificate for a Medical Assistant. Point is these ladies and gentlemen who take your pulse, listen to your heart, take care of your babies, and children, loved ones when they are taking their last breath, they get no recognition other than that. “I’m just a nurse”, well I hate to tell you ladies on the View , go ahead and walk into a hospital and registrar when something is wrong with you or your family members, and see, no observe, how these people work. It will make YOU eat every word that you have said or muttered. They are not “Just a Nurse” they are and always will be Angles of Mercy.

  • Katie

    I’m sorry but being a nurse is more than just a profession. If it was “just a job” then anyone would do it. But it’s more demanding, exhausting and stressful than any other profession. It takes a special kind of person with the patience of a saint to “just be a nurse.” It’s not just a profession, and it sure as hell is more than a talent.

  • Josh

    Shows like “the view” are the sole reason I don’t watch much television. Talk about a bunch of no talent people who do nothing and get paid because of viewers having their show turned on….hope everyone turns them off for good.

  • Traci

    Doctors treat your ailments, nurses treat the person. Shame on you! Her story was powerful and held an important lesson. Have you ever helped anybody and felt powerless to what controlled them? I’m assuming helping people is not your talent.

    • April

      I am a CNA and I work in critical care. My nurses are amazing and it takes everyone to care for a patient. I have been in this profession for22 yrs. I will defend the nurses and MDs. Nursing is a work of HEART!

  • Kimbol Purkerson

    Listen,if you can hold someone’s attention telling your story of being a nurse and having a positive message,I applaud you!!!!!! Stop being so damn critical of others and their choices of what they do when they compete. It’s a scholarship pageant and I believe in any young lady who chooses to put her story on that stage!!!!!

  • Charles

    Ill agree Nurses see a Pt more than a Doctor. Ill agree they do the care the Doctor orders. What about the Paramedics that work 24 hour shifts that use “Doctors Stethoscopes” in their Pt care? Or do they not matter as much as Nurses? Nurses are always there at the Hospital or Doctors office ect to greet and help the Pt out. In the middle of the night when a drunk driver runs you off the road and into a tree and you dial 911 and that loud, bright, shiny, red box shows up to remove you and secure you start your care in what normally is the worst state, three feet of snow 30 mph winds 3º outside and its 2 in the morning. We are the ones that do that care. We are the ones that no matter the weather, the time, or what you’re calling for show up. Funny enough not all Pt’s go to the Hospital and are seen by your lovely Nurses sometimes care starts and ends with a Paramedic. So no we dont need some national news coverage like this, though this is funny, just remember Nurses are no longer the only means of care providers. So the View should be saying sorry to all Professions that use Stethoscopes are part of their job not just Nurses.

  • Susan Hettinger

    Nursing is far more noble a profession than comics who make fun of others, or actors pretending to be someone they are not. When is our society going to learn that just because someone can stick a camera and microphone in front of your face, doesn’t validate your opinion? The women of the View are idiots.

  • Debbie Matheson

    Is it ratings season? Is it a ploy to get us to watch their show everyday for an apology or at best a lame explaination oftheir statements? Not going to work here. One thing for certain, despite their moronic “views” when they need a nurse, they will receive the best treatment available! Shame on them!!!!!!

  • Heather Sullivan

    It takes talent, inner strength and so much more to be a nurse. Thank you to all the nurses everywhere. I am so very ashamed of the View. I will no longer watch the show. I am saddened by the lack of respect for people who give everything they have, everyday to the sick, injured and dying.

  • j

    Sometime in life we need to know the real talent. One it is a nurse knowing how to care and save a life. THANK YOU TO ALL NURSES EVERYWHERE!! ! Sorry to the view for having no talent .
    The only talent they have is to cut or bully people. Get off your high horse” the view”
    . Take a look at what your talent is’ and we will all mock your talent as neither one of you who are sitting up on that stage has any except to talk trash about everything . The view is just Enquire on stage. Oh my is that a talent !!

  • Marilyn Lambert, RN

    After hearing The View I guess that explains why they are sitting around talking about everyone else, I guess that is all they are capable of doing. It takes a lot of education and training to work as a nurse. I’m proud that I am a nurse.

  • Lisa

    Thank you to all of you nurses who in the past 3 months have taken care of me,consoled me and saved my life. My Drs are great, but none of them ever held my hand. I have never had a Dr help me bathe or brush my hair. No dr has ever given me my meds to help me live, stop my pain or help me feel better. I love you all for the work you do. Thank you can’t begin relay my gratitude.

  • Sandra Stevens

    I am a retired RN who spent the last 50 years either helping to save your life, help you through painful difficult diseases or surgeries, and helping terminally ill patients die with comfort and dignity. It deeply offends me to hear Ms. Behar’s ignorent comments. I WAS a fan of hers. No more View for me.

  • Stephen

    When ur talent is talking about other people and ur skill is not knowing what ur talking about. The view is that show. I know some nurses and watch others take care of my father. Love and respect them. It takes special people to care.