13-year-old girl takes down 300 pound black bear with bow and arrow

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOWARD CITY, Mich. -- Dolls and dance class aren't Paydin Gillespie's thing. The teen bagged a 300-pound bear on a weekend hunting trip with her dad.

Paydin, 13, sports her purple gun and bow set like a pro. She also has her room decked in camo, along with archery medals and other trophies.

Her big moment came a weekend trip to the Upper Peninsula with her father, Chad.

The bear was three times her size, and Padin was taken by surprise.

"I was shocked. I was like yes, I got it," recalled Paydin.

Prior to that, it had been a waiting game for Paydin, as she was hoping to show up her dad during the father-daughter trip.

"I don't think she shook a bit. She's got nerves of steel," said Chad.

Her dad, who taught her everything she knows about hunting since she was eight years old, bagged a bear earlier this season, and now it was her turn. "Mine was tiny compared to this thing," Chad said. "She got Yogi, I  got Boo Boo."

When  Padin isn't hunting with her dad or playing soccer, she's practicing shooting her bow and arrow. Since archery season is right around the corner, she's staying sharp, ready for her next kill.

13-year-old kills 300 pound bear




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    • Billy

      I don’t understand why people feel they need to go out of their way to voice their irrelevant opinion in such settings. That’s like putting a soap box up at a democratic fundraiser as a tea party supporter. If you don’t like hunting, don’t do it. Live and let live. (Or eat) I respect your opinion, in fact I encourage it, It shows intelligent thought. (most of the time) But setting… Setting is important. People hunt for the activity, and for the food. There’s so much more to it than just killing poor little Bambi. Try it, and you might understand it. If you can’t stomach killing an innocent animal, like homosapiens have done for hundreds of thousands… of years, try going out to observe wildlife. See how close you can get. Take pictures. You’ll find that it is quite the challenging and quite rewarding. I pass up my prey quite often, and thoroughly enjoy watching them and respecting them in their habitats. However, when it comes to meat on the table and in the freezer, I’ll gladly harvest. If you truly are completely against this, and tear up at the thought, I suggest you avoid animal products, and adopt a plant based diet. I should warn you, poor wittle pwants are innocent and living too…Except I hunt them down and devour them for sport, and just as ferociously. Boo hoo.

      Good day to you sir.

  • nick

    I might be dumb but the title says she killed the bear with a bow but the last statement says archery season hasn’t started yet. So is it not illegal for that kill? Just wondering. Thank you.