Documents: Shooting victim’s wife joked about ‘waiting for him to die’

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SAND LAKE, Mich. — While police remain tight lipped on a now five-month-old homicide investigation involving a married couple in Newaygo County, case file documents detail a home in disarray the night of the killing and the discovery of suicide notes.

Case files from the ongoing police investigation, obtained by FOX 17 through the Freedom of Information Act, describe the night of May 13 when Martin "Marty" Duram and his wife Glenna were found inside their home in the 9000 block of 128th Street, northwest of Sand Lake.


Michigan State Police on scene at the Duram's Sand Lake home on May 13, 2015.

Marty was shot and killed; Glenna was critically injured and barely alive when she was found.  Autopsy results obtained by FOX 17 show Marty was shot five times, including once in the head, and was found with a clump of hair in his hand.

First responders saw bullet casings on the bed near the victims and said Glenna was taken from the home strapped to a gurney because she was “very combative," according to case files.

While trying to restrain her she said numerous times, “Why are you doing this Marty?" but gave no response when repeatedly asked who had shot her.

Lilian and Chuck Duram, Marty's parents, believe it was a domestic dispute that went too far and reluctantly point the blame toward Marty's wife.

“I feel when you kill somebody, you outta pay the bill," Chuck said. "When you take a gun and you shoot somebody five times, that’s upsetting."

Marty and Glenna both had children from previous marriages.  Police interviews conducted with children of both indicate the couple had a love-hate relationship. Glenna's son told police the couple argued “a lot," usually over money, and that Marty was possessive. Both had quick tempers.

Glenna's daughter indicated to police that because Marty was so “controlling,” his wife had briefly left him for a period of time.

While their children reported seeing them argue, none told police they ever witnessed the two physically fight.

Marty's daughter claims every time she saw her stepmother,  Glenna would say she was "just waiting for Marty to die to get all his money."  In some instances, she'd make the comments in front of Marty and either appeared serious or would laugh about it.

It's a description of their relationship echoed by Glenna's own daughter, who attested the two  “loved to talk s**t."

Martin 'Marty' Duram, undated picture (courtesy)

Martin 'Marty' Duram, undated picture (courtesy)

When asked by investigators if he believed Marty was killed during a botched murder-suicide, Glenna's son-in-law  said, “I don’t buy it. They bicker, but I’ve never seen them get physical before.”

Family said the couple had been married more than 10 years and had been living in their Sand Lake home for more than 15 years.

The two always kept their doors locked, and none of the family had keys to the home, according to documents.

For Marty's mother, Lilian, she said she never imagined outliving her own child.

“I cry every night, and I wake up thinking, What’s the courts going to do, what’s the prosecutor going to do?" she said. "When is this going to be over with?"

Several pages of the couple's gambling records obtained through the FOIA also show the two frequented casinos, but Marty's children claimed their father “would only go because Glenna wanted to,” the case files said.

One document from 2010 showed Glenna gambled nearly $75,000 on slots, more than twice what Marty gambled that same year.

Glenna was in charge of the couple's finances, and statements from several of the couple's children indicate their main source of income was money the state paid to Glenna for being Marty's primary caregiver and Social Security income Marty collected.

Glenna became her husband's caregiver after he was seriously injured in an automobile accident in the 1990s.

Roughly one month prior to his death, Marty learned his house was in foreclosure, according to relatives. Marty's children told investigators Glenna did not always pay the bills and would not tell Marty of their financial difficulties.

For now, investigators refuse to answer any questions regarding the investigation.

No arrests have been made and police have not publicly named any suspects.

But, according to Marty's parents, evidence was found in the days after the killing of apparent suicide notes allegedly written by Glenna in the couple's home, both baffling and curious. The notes, found in a manila envelope in the couples living room, contained letters addressed to each of Glenna's children, “generally advising them (the addressed) that she was sorry and they were signed Love Mom, Love Glenna and Love Mom, respectively," documents said.

When contacted by FOX 17 on Thursday, Glenna's daughter refused to comment.

Relatives of Marty claim Glenna has been out of the hospital for several months, appearing at recent court hearings as the two sides of the family now battle over Marty's will.

Documents show when police attempted to interview Glenna in the hospital in late May, she told investigators she didn't know how she wound up there.

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    • Claire Redfield

      If it was her hair they would have compared it when she was in a comma in the hospital. But they are convinced for some stupid reason that they won’t arrest her till she “gets better” people who are crippled and with cancer are committed still. They only cried to the news because they received a letter saying they are due back to court for all the belongings. Creepy thing is four days after the murder his son and the girlfriend hermit Crabbed their way into the house.

      • Doona Duram Burns

        Claire Redfield is a fictional name made up by a person that wants to create unnecessary drama . It’s an open murder investigation so of course the media is going to be involved. Justice for Marty

      • Ckeller

        To miss know it all! Did you know there were animals in that house that needed to be cared for u til they could get them out? Did you know the family got permission from the detectives to enter the house? Did you know they seen the blood stained house and bullet holes where their dad was killed? Did you know the news companies called the family after they obtained a stack of newly released evidence? Sounds like don’t KNOW much about anything!

      • CJ

        Hermit crabbed? I’m sure it has nothing to go with the fact he just lost his dad and maybe wants to be surrounded by his memories. But go ahead and jump to conclusions and try to add more drama to an already hard and stressful situation. You should be ashamed of yourself Claire! If that’s even your name. Your probably to much of a coward to put who you really are.

        • Claire Redfield

          Though this is not my case and Im still in training, its not that hard to see on social media sites what people are posting these days mostly when not set to private. Just saying that i was looking into this because its sounded odd from the get go. Seeing that for some odd reason there is a belief that she isn’t incarcerated due to her health (on the Justice for Marty page) is off because technology/science has come such a long way on many levels. An example would be that in the case of Lawhorn, a child of 13 years of age was committed of 1st degree murder. The system doesn’t care about age or health. As for the animals I’m more than certain that they weren’t left in the house during the investigation due to contamination and messing up the scene. Unless the animals have evidence on them in which case they would be held for evidence then processed and released to family right after. Even being in the house after the detectives and investigators had left is a big no no (so to speak) if the case isn’t closed. Incase there was or is something else that needed to be reevaluated they would need to return to the scene of the crime. So if a person(s) was in there anytime before the case was closed they now are contaminating things with their own DNA whether they think so or not. Also the fact that on the wzzm13 site the family made comments that there was never any money but on here its stated by family that she wanted his money. Though it seems more like a dark humor, for her to say she’s “waiting for him to die” in more cases than one couples of this length of time or more tend to have this type of humor among themselves. Also it seems quite odd that there is even a dispute over the belongings due to Michigan law being that the spouse is to gain everything from the death unless both were to die then it is to either the person(s) on the wills/and or next of kin otherwise some times the parents of the deceased. Another interesting thing is that the news reporter stated that family had found the suicide notes. If thats the case it sounds even more fishy, though if it was on the tabulation sheet thats a whole other story. Either way the case isn’t closed so that means they don’t have the actual person(s) and are waiting for the person(s) to make the little mistake they need in order to catch them or are looking for them. Through the FOIA anyone can pay to receive the papers that were written and filed thus far. No matter what loosing someone is hard but its easy to point the blame. I’m more than certain the killer(s) will be caught. Until then prayers for the family in this horrible time that should happen to no one.

          • Ckeller

            Detective cleared the scene the night they left and never returned. And there was animal still in the house until it’s cage and belongings could be removed and placed elsewhere. . We all want justice and the truth to come out. I only pray for peace and closure for the family.. #JusticeForMarty

          • cltanis

            Redfield, you’re a wretched person. How da dare you make such assumptions about a family in grieving? You should be ashamed. Someone should pray for you. ..

          • Ckeller

            You are more then welcome to pay the 3u4.00 for the same info the news has and yes the mention of the *letters* is in the *tabulation * notate up by the family! Do you think his wants to believe this? It’s SUPER obvious who you are from your first nasty comment! Leave the dead man’s kids out of those please! You are showing your true colors now!

          • Ckeller

            I meant the 374.00 for the FOIA paper and letter NOT made up story from family. ..for knowing as much as you do you truly don’t really know much about this case. ..wich is not surprising :)

      • Justiceformarty

        Clairemont aka fran! How about you keep your nosey face out of this? The conservator lawyer would also like you to stop emailing her like you know the law! You are not a lawyer only a wannabe! You are erelavent andWorthless! Be gone! Physic wanna. BE lawyer /nosey bitch!

  • Silver signs

    What is really creepy is Marty’s cousins wife Fran got ahold of the son and asked for one of Marty’s cross bows 2 days after his Dad was murdered !
    Now that’s *a Hermit Crab* move and CREEPY!

  • Sherry

    Wow “Claire” sure seems to know alot about this case… Wonder why she doesn’t use her real name… But I am sure we all have a good guess who “Claire” is.
    Guess she doesn’t really care that his parents lost their son, His children lost their father. His brothers and sisters lost their brother.. His grandchildren will never know him other than what they are told about him.. He leaves behind many that cared about Marty and loved him..Parents, Children, Grandchildren, Brothers, Sisters, Aunt’s, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Friends…
    Praying justice comes soon…

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