Reports: 10 dead in shooting at community college in Oregon, suspect dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) - The man who authorities believe opened fire at Oregon's Umpqua Community College on Thursday is dead, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin told reporters.

No police officers were injured, but preliminary information indicates 10 people were killed and more than 20 others injured in the shooting, according to Oregon State Police spokesman Bill Fugate.

The suspect was a 20-year-old man, according to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

Investigators are examining social media postings they believe were made by the suspect, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

The night before the attack, the alleged shooter appears to have had a conversation with others online about his intentions, the source said.

"We arrived to find multiple patients in multiple classrooms. Law enforcement was on scene and had the shooter neutralized," Douglas County Fire Marshal Ray Shoufler told CNN.

He said that two patients died while being transported to a hospital.

The shooting appears to have started in one building before the gunman moved to the school's science building, the source told CNN. Those killed and wounded were found in at least two classrooms.

Mercy Medical Center posted on Twitter that it had received nine patients, with three more on the way. The extent of their injuries was not known.

Three victims arrived at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, about 70 miles north of the shooting scene. Two more are on their way, that hospital tweeted.

ATF agents were also on scene and canine teams are en route to search for explosives, fire arms casings and ammunition, a spokesman said. The FBI was en route.

It's not a traditional institution of higher learning, as the average age of its 13,600 students was 38 during the 2013-2014 school year. Only 740 of those were full time, 2,437 were part time and more than 10,000 fell under the umbrella of "community education."

It first began teaching classes out of rented facilities in 1961. Elton and Ruth Jackson donated 98.5 acres to house the campus in 1965.

President Barack Obama, expressing deep anger and impatience, on Thursday bemoaned yet another mass shooting that left a community "stunned with grief" and warned that America was becoming "numb" to such violence.

"Each time this happens, I am going to say we are going to have to do something about it -- and we are going to have to change our laws."

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      • Copy_Culture (@Copy_Culture)

        It is astounding to me just how easily you dolts miss the point. No one ever said gun free zones prevent shootings, CJ. Are you seriously that dumb? They are there for *prosecutorial reasons* (kind of like how hate speech laws don’t prevent people from saying hate speech; but you can prosecute those who do in stricter ways). Duh. And yeah, just because a college is in Oregon doesn’t mean it’s liberal. You guys are why all other countries beat us intellectually; your sheer numbers are growing, sadly.

        • Kevin Rahe

          So you going to bury the guy in a prison yard? The only thing gun-free zones do is make sure that people who might be able and willing to defend themselves and others against acts like this aren’t able to.

          • Copy_Culture (@Copy_Culture)

            No, genius. If he lived. But let me ask: and why won’t they be able to defend themselves? I’m sure law abiding gun users too would not care whether it is a gun free zone, if they really thought their gun could save lives. Of course, witness the recent law abiding gun user trying to stop a car jacking in Texas. Oops, he shot the victim. The problem is that no one really knows who’s who in these situations; if you have a gun and are trying to remedy the situation, how are the cops supposed to know you’re not the perp? Do you wear an “I’m A Gun Person” orange hat wherever you go? Think! Use your brain!

          • Kevin Rahe

            Trying to intervene in someone else’s situation is always going to be riskier than defending yourself from attack, sure. But unless you’re the type who goes looking for trouble, there are probably going to be many fewer opportunities to do that than you’ll have to defend yourself. When the cops show up, you drop your gun just like the bad guys, put your hands up and announce that you have a license to carry. That’s what folks are taught to do before they even get a CCL. It’ll get sorted out soon enough.