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‘I Will’ Get Fit Challenge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOX 17 Morning Mix proudly presents the “I Will” Get Fit Challenge.

It’s a fitness challenge that showcases four local people from very different backgrounds on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. We’ll be following our four participants for the next several months and share their stories along the way. And in December, with help from a panel of judges, we’ll announce the ultimate “Fit” Challenge Winner.

Today we introduced you to our 4  participants.

Jeff Fisher, Age 56, Premier Athletic Club, formerly known as Ramblewood Health Club

Sarah Anderson, Age 32, Title Boxing

Nate Buning, Age 38, Allegro Coaching

Dana VanPutten, Age 38, KoKo FitClub

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1 Comment

  • Casandra

    To the mother as accusing Ronald McDonald House of racism. How dare you. This is a program that has done nothing but positive things for family’s that are struggling with a child’s illness. To accuse them of being racist is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. This organization prides itself for its non discrimination. Also the hospital treating your daughter is probably not asking for compensation either, yet provided you with a room near your child. In my opinion, and I speak as a mother of a child who was treated for PNET, a type of medulloblastoma, you should be at your childs side at all times. To think you had time to speak to a lawyer to seek monetary compensation goes to show where your priorities lie. You should be grateful your daughter has the best medical care available. Do not stain this noble cause with your hurt feelings and false statements. Everyone has criteria to meet to stay at Ronald McDonald House, black, white, purple, , , and yes even Mexican people’s all have the same questions asked.
    Oh and if you didn’t have to pay the 1000’s of dollars that your daughter’s treatment likely cost, ask yourself if you would have received that same reactionfrom Mexican government.
    You disgust me, and make yourself look bad.