Obama says he will continue to push for more gun laws

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Barack Obama on Friday reiterated his calls for more gun laws, pledging to keep pushing the issue and saying his administration would look into ways it can better enforce existing regulations in the wake of Thursday’s massacre at an Oregon college campus.

“I’m going to talk about this on a regular basis. And I will politicize this. Because our inaction is a political decision that we’re making,” Obama said during a White House press conference. “Unless we change that political dynamic, we’re not going to be able to make a big dent in this problem.”

Obama called on gun-control advocates to act as “single-issue voters,” punishing and rewarding politicians at the polls on the topic.

“The people who are troubled by this have to be as intense and organized and adamant about this issue as folks on the other side who are absolutists, who think that any gun safety measures are an assault on freedom, or communistic, or a plot by me to take over and stay in power forever, or something,” he said.

The President also said he has asked his administration to look into “what kinds of authorities do we have to enforce the laws that we have in place more effectively to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

Obama’s remarks Friday come one day after he bemoaned another community traumatized by a mass killing.

“Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation in the aftermath of it … We have become numb to this,” he complained on Thursday.

Nine people were killed when a gunman opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. Seven other people were injured, and the shooter was killed after exchanging gunfire with authorities.

Also at Friday’s press conference, Obama discussed ongoing budget negotiations on Capitol Hill, saying he believes there’s an opportunity to arrive at a “reasonable agreement.”

“Yes, Speaker (John) Boehner’s decision to step down complicates it, but I do think there’s a path for us to come up with a reasonable agreement for us to raise the spending caps above sequester and properly finance both our defense and non-defense needs, that maintains a prudent control of our deficits, and we can do that in short order. It’s not that complicated,” Obama said.

Obama also said he hoped “extraneous issues” — a reference to conservative calls to shut down the federal government over its continued funding of Planned Parenthood — wouldn’t interfere.

“The math is the math,” Obama said. “What I’ve encouraged is we get started on that work immediately and we push through over the next several weeks and try to leave out extraneous issues that may prevent us from getting a budget agreement.”

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  • Captain Obvious

    Well you have to give him credit…he is consistent in his irrationality. Laws which are not enforced are ineffective no matter how many of them there are or how strictly they are worded. Enforce the laws we already have which make it illegal for the mentally ill to possess firearms. Problem solved.

    • Sick of the left's BS

      The trouble with that is, the same people who want to disarm the lawful public will be in charge of determining who is mentally ill.
      The left already want to imprison “climate deniers”. They will simple find that anyone who wishes to own a firearm is mentally ill.
      They have already tried twice to deny american veterans the right to own firearms using the same theory.

  • UN PC

    Why doesn’t Obama enforce existing gun laws ?
    Could it be, the left NEEDS a certain level of gun violence to advance their agenda ?
    And his lies that cities with the toughest gun laws are the safest? LOL. Chicago ( his former district) has the highest murder rate in country. DC? California ?
    Does he know how to tell the truth ?
    How about BLM attacking police ? did you know the democrats voted “yes” on a resolution supporting BLM even as they continue to kill police?

    I’m glad the liberals are going after our ( legal) gun rights. That will insure a republican will gain the office. People are fed up with left’s attempt to usurp OUR civil rights.

  • George

    Real Americans should just say “NO”.
    We will not allow our rights to be trampled any farther.
    Go after the gangs or the black lives matter cop killers. leave us alone.
    Free cell phones isn’t going to work again.

  • Sick of the left's BS

    He failed to mention thugs, gangs, BLM members, wana-be terrorists and illegals will be exempt from the new gun laws and will allowed to keep their stolen weapons.

  • Bruce

    Odumba agenda is to disarm the white man.. If he really cared about gun violence he would order a few dozen daisy cutters to every inner city neighborhood

  • Barney L.

    What an ineffectual idiot. I am a staunch Democrat, and even I think he has been a horrible president. But when you have the choices that we have been presented with lately, what are you going to do?

  • Allyssa

    He keeps on trying to convince the country that the cause of all these crimes is the existence of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens while at the same time his “Justice Department” refuses to enforce nearly all of the gun control laws that are already on the books. If they enforced them, the public would find out that laws only affect the law abiding. They have no effect on criminals or terrorists and do nothing to stop them from committing their evil acts. The only effect they have on crime is to give the authorities something to justify prosecution and punishment after the crimes using guns have been committed.