‘On the Trail’ celebrates open season, hunting, & archery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Thousands of hunters are getting ready to bag the big buck now that it's open season: if you do, you're eligible to enter a photo of your buck into Al & Bob's Sport's #bigbuckphotocontest.

We're going 'On the Trail' for the next nine weeks with Al & Bob's Sports and Fox 17's Brody Carter for an in-depth look at hunting and everything you need to know for open season. Merle Shoemaker, Al & Bob's Store Manager, understands choosing the right equipment is most important before heading into the woods. Shoemaker said when buying for a child, purchase an adjustable bow they can grow into. Many bows now provide a draw range that can be altered to fit any archer.

"For somebody who's beginning, you want to get them into something that’s comfortable," said Shoemaker. "So if we want a bow that’s for an adult male for instance, it would be starting around 50 lbs., so a 50-60 pound draw range. Depending on the brand you like, some shoot faster and some shoot smoother."

Faster, smoother, shorter or longer; Shoemaker said comfort is key when choosing the right bow. Al & Bob's will help you find your perfect draw range, bow length, and accessories to make sure you can bag the big buck. For five dollars, you can even practice shooting for as long as you want.

Over the next nine weeks, Al & Bob's is hosting the Big Buck Photo Contest. All you need to do is go to Al & Bob's Sports webpage or the Al & Bob's Sport's Facebook page and clink on the Big Buck Photo Contest tab and enter your big buck photo using the #bigbuckphotocontest. Each week, Al & Bob's will pick a winner that will air every Friday on Fox 17's 'On the Trail' for a chance to win cool prizes. Good luck and we'll see you next week 'On the Trail.'

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