Business leaders save GRAM holiday tree

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Christmas has been saved!

A group of area business leaders have come together to pay for the Grand Rapids Art Museum to put up their annual holiday tree at Rosa Parks Circle downtown.  Over 40 businesses have donated $1,000 each to cover the costs of the GRAM.

The emergency "Save the Christmas Tree" effort was led by downtown developer Charlie Secchia and attorney John Inhulsen.  Plans are being made to set up a fund with Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. to keep the tree lit in future years.

Tuesday, the GRAM said that they needed $50,000 to replace the 50,000 LED lights on the tree that had been used since they first put up the tree in 2006.

We'll have a live guest in the studio with more on the effort during the 4:00pm news.

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  • Patrick

    Unbelievable!!! The GRAM got what they wanted. They spent all their funds on FartPrize and have now have no money for Christmas Lights…..$50,000 worth at the least!!!!! Sure!! Their plan worked. Lets put the word out no xmas lights and see how long it will take to have someone donate. What a friggen joke. Just like this city.

    Would love to see the receipt to make sure all the $50.000 goes towards the lights.

  • marilyn van nuil

    OMG it’s a “CHRISTMAS TREE” for crying out loud, and it’s a CRYING SHAME” that the art museum had to come out and say it was ” BROKE” “SCROOGE” but then again there are many businesses in our downtown and it’s to their advantage to see more people and shoppers , not much to shop for , but there are bars, bars, and more bars and restaurants, and some entertainment venues, not enough though, we need to see more “FAMILY” friendly venues,a “FAMILY FRIENDLY” entertainment complex “RENOVATE” one of those big buildings for “MOVIES, BOWLING,ARCADES,ROLLER SKATING” instead of more “CONDOS” and give me more reasons to “STAY & PLAY” and “SHOP” and even “LIVE” in downtown once the “SANTA PARADE” is over. and “ALL” year, and the lighting of our city’s “CHRISTMAS TREE” has become a highlight so they need to step up and donate equally to make this event happen every “YEAR” “ROSA PARKS CIRCLE” is a fun gathering spot and is ideal for our city’s “CHRISTMAS TREE” so it is good that we will once again have the lighting of our “CHRISTMAS TREE’ thanks to these ‘DONATIONS” , “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and “THANK YOU” for your donations.

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