One dead following rollover accident near Sparta

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich. — The intersection of Fruit Ridge Ave NW and 9 Mile Rd NW was closed from both directions following a rollover accident Saturday.

Kent County Sheriff’s deputies at the scene say that Kimberly Dawn Voorhees, 48, was driving down 9 Mile Rd Saturday afternoon when she drifted into the opposite lane and collided head on with a truck.

Voorhees died after she was transported to a nearby hospital.

The other driver, Troy Guerra, 35, and his three passengers, Parker Guerra, 5, Tanner Guerra, 8, and Tanner Bormes, 9, were all taken to a local hospital and are in stable condition at this time.

No drugs or alcohol are suspected right now, but the investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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    • Carl

      You weren’t expecting fact checking, now were you? Fact checking is what *journalists* do, not news reporters. News reporters wear loafers because they don’t even know how to tie shoes. Journalism died in the 20th century. You want a journalist, call a cab and talk to the driver. Odds are he used to write for a living.

  • sue voorhees

    I know this women personally she was my sister n law ….the cops are saying she was at fault well let me say this ….this all happened because a young girl playing on her phone immediately stopped in front of my brother who she was following she had no time to stop! She was not on her phone so please don’t have negativity until you know the truth!!!

    • Teri

      I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister in law. My daughter was in the first vehicle and was not on her phone, it was in the console charging. Unfortunately, your sister in laws husband was and had been tailgating her and when she signaled and turned he veered to the left around her and not the right as the article states. Your sister in law then followed him and did not obviously see the truck coming. My daughter is extremely distraught over this and has never caused or been in an accident before. She did not cause this accident and stayed and called 911, talked with the police and wrote her statement. She was absolutely not on her phone, and I’m sure if the police thought that to be true she would know that from them not a comment on here. I am so very so sorry for this to have happened to your family and I can’t imagine what you are going through. I pray for your family. But my daughter is having s hard time as well, as this is a traumatizing thing for anyone to go through, especially when someone passes. Please don’t pass judgement on a situation without knowing all the facts or from an article with not all the right facts. If her husband had veered to the right, he would have hit my daughter who was turning right and if he had kept a safe distance, he would not have had to veer at all. This is sad for all in involved, especially for your family, but I can’t stand to see my daughter made scapegoat here, I’m sorry.

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