Man looking for ‘place to read’ puts Cedar Springs schools on lockdown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. – Cedar Springs Public Schools were on a Code Yellow lock down Monday after a man showed up this morning at two different schools looking for a “quiet place to read.”

The situation started at about 7:30am when the man, according to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, approached office staff at Cedar Trails Elementary asking for a “quiet place to read.”  He was denied and then went over to Cedar Springs High School, which is on the same campus, and asked the same thing.  He was denied there as well and was not happy about being sent away.  He told staff that his wife was at a meeting in the community and was looking for somewhere to go.

Kent County Sheriff’s deputies found the man sitting in his car reading at a local McDonald’s.  They followed with the organization where the wife was in a meeting and the man was on his way out of town around 8:00am.  The code yellow was lifted at about 9:00am.

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  • Natalie M.

    Pretty sad when a man is open and considerate about his innocent activities and intentions, and it causes panic, fear, and police intervention. That says nothing good about the state of our society. Nothing good at all.

    • Shep

      You nailed it right there. When reading and having consideration for others become “suspicious” activities, we are only a few small steps away from being at war with East Asia. (Sorry, we have always been at war with East Asia. I forgot.)

      The echoes of the jackboots on the pavement are growing louder, not softer..

    • Natalie M.

      It sounds to me like he just wanted to park in the lot and read while his wife was in a meeting, but he didn’t want to alarm the school that some strange man was hanging around in the parking lot, so he went in to ask permission. A courtesy, as it is a public school and he can park there if he wants to and read all day legally. He did nothing wrong, everything right, and still got treated like a criminal.