Concealed carry gun proposals discussed in Lansing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. -- Changes could be coming to the way people carry their guns in Michigan, after the passage of SB-442 in the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

Right now in Michigan, people who hold a concealed pistol license (CPL) have to openly carry their weapon in areas that are off-limits to concealed weapons, like schools, sports arenas and bars.

Republican Senator Mike Green from Mayville has introduced legislation that changes the regulations.  The legislation would take away the right to open carry in those specific locations, but would allow CPL holders to get an endorsement that would allow them to carry their weapon, concealed, as the license allows.

Democrat Andy Schor from Lansing countered with legislation that would also get rid of "open carry" in those locations, but would keep the ban of "concealed carry" in schools.

We'll have more from Lansing throughout the evening.


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  • No PC For Me

    The anti-gun nuts ignore all the facts.
    They say the “want to be safe” but then restrict lawful gun owners and do nothing about the gangsters, hoods and thugs.
    so apparently these anti-gun people only feel safe when criminals are armed.
    always democrats protecting criminals and infringing on the lawful.

    All the school shootings have been in gun free zones. democrats NEED to keep it that way.

  • Shall NOT be infringed.

    Why don’t any anti-gun advocates dare to address the real issues of gun violence?
    The anti-gun lobby only focuses on lawful gun owners who have passed, local, state,federal and international background checks.
    But they completely ignore the criminals, gangsters, thugs and hoods.
    The anti-gun lobby doesn’t dare address the real issue, or do they just ignore it. The more violance on our streets the stronger the anti-gun lobby becomes.
    Simple math.
    The anti-gun lobby doesn’t “care” about the safety of our streets, if they did, they would focus on criminals.
    They care about empowering themselves and nothing more.
    The most violent cities in america have the strictest gun laws, that’s a fact.
    All mass shooting occur in so called “gun free zones” and yet the anti-freedom lobby demands more criminal empowerment zones.
    The very politicians that call for “gun control” have armed guards. he elite schools their children attend have armed guards.
    Their homes are gated communities with armed gaurds.
    But they have the balls to stand up and tell us we don’t deserve the safe rights.
    In fact we do, its called the second amendment and it shall not be infringed. in fact, there is nothing in the constitution that provides for any gun laws.
    We the people have the power, not those who WE elect.

  • Jose

    Why do democrats consistently advocate for criminal empowerment ?
    Think its coincidence all the major US cities with highest crime/murder rates are controlled by Democrats.

  • Common Cents

    I wonder how much the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence does to end the war on drugs and promote mental health services. If drugs were legal, that would end about 95% of gun violence since gun violence is committed by criminals and criminals fund and arm themselves through the black market which exists solely because of drugs. The remaining gun violence is committed mostly by those with mental health issues, which is basically the most ignored and underfunded group of people in our country.

    I want to reduce gun violence as much as anyone. Attacking responsible gun owners will accomplish nothing.