Jurors rule against woman who sued nephew, 8, for breaking her wrist during hug

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A New York woman will receive nothing from a lawsuit against her then 8-year-old nephew.

The New York Daily News reports jurors at the Superior Court in Bridgeport, Conn., took 25 minutes to decide that Jennifer Connell shouldn’t receive a penny from her nephew.

Connell, 54, filed a $127,000 lawsuit against her nephew who accidentally broke her wrist when he jumped into her arms for a birthday hug in 2011. Her nephew, who was eight at the time, was “not careful” and “unsafe” Connell’s lawyer said during closing arguments.

Connell alleges that her broken wrist has impacted her social life and made it difficult to climb the stairs to her third-floor walkup.

The Connecticut Post reports that Connell showed no emotion when the verdict was announced. She then asked for judicial marshals to escort her to her car through the sea of reporters waiting outside.

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  • Laughmore

    I’ll bet this child’s dad wishes he would have broke her neck. What a self-centered POS. Not only was this nonsense but the poor child lost his mother a year ago.

  • justme

    This woman is a bitch, period. It wasn’t even done out of malice or brattiness. he was so happy to see her and ran to her. smh she should be grateful someone like him loves her so unconditionally and literally feels joy to see her. If one of my nieces or nephews did this to me i would look at it like wow how lucky am I to have this kind of love from one of my little family members. sure it sucks ya broke your wrist but hey shit happens.its not like he came up and beat you with a bat. He came to you out of pure unconditional love. I’m thinking the kid came into some money and she is trying to take advantage of that. Shame how greed can rule your heart over love. Shame on you lady! If I was a part of this family she would be cut out of our lives soo fast. later tater!