Are you a Brewsader? Get a Beer City Passport to experience craft beer in Grand Rapids

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The marketing organization Experience Grand Rapids is rolling out a new opportunity for craft beer enthusiasts — or ‘Brewsaders’ — to have some fun while checking out their favorite craft breweries.

brewsader shirtOn Monday, they unveiled the Beer City Passport.  It is free to people who are 21+ years old, and it can be used at 23 participating locations in the greater-Grand Rapids area.  Beer connoisseurs get a Passport from the GoSite at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and when they are making the rounds of the area breweries, they collect stamps on the Passport.  Eight stamps get you a free Brewsader T-shirt.  The breweries participating in the Beer City Passport include:

  • 57 Brew Pub & Bistro
  • B.O.B.’s Brewery
  • Brewery Vivant
  • Cedar Springs Brewing Company
  • Cellar Brewing Company
  • Cranker’s Restaurant & Brewery
  • Elk Brewing
  • Founders Brewing Co.
  • Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery
  • Harmony Brewing Company
  • Harmony Hall
  • The Hideout Brewing Company
  • HopCat
  • Hudsonville Pike 51 Brewing Company
  • Jaden James Brewery
  • The Mitten Brewing Company
  • Osgood Brewing
  • Perrin Brewing Company
  • Railtown Brewing Co.
  • Rockford Brewing Company
  • White Flame Brewing Co.

The Beer City Passport comes in the wake of a new study on the economic impact of craft beer in Kent County.  Grand Valley State University conducted the study, which found that beer tourists visited an average of 3.7 breweries during their visits in 2015, and contributed $12.23 million in economic output.

To see more of the study’s findings, click here.

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  • Deina Mouder

    “Brewsader”??? Seriously???
    Whose bright idea was it to talk like a tenth grader in order to appeal to the 21+ crowd?
    Oh of course…Experience Grand Rapids. The same people who brought you the FartPrize Flea Market.
    I should have guessed.

    • J.J.

      Reminds me of a parent trying to speak “teenager” to their kid and screwing it all up so badly that they sound idiotic rather than compassionate. It is a dumb idea anyway, who needs one more thing to carry around with you just for a t-shirt? What kind of a premium is that for an over 21 year old anyway? Especially since you can get custom made t-shirts for $5 online. That is the price of one really good craft beer. I don’t think they thought this out very well. If at all. It sounds to me like Experience GR is trying to ride the coattails of the success of the craft brew industry rather than seriously trying to promote it.

  • Sam B.

    I agree with the other commenters, this is a horribly misguided effort. Deina’s “talking like a tenth grader” comment in particular is quite insightful. Obviously this group has no clue about the craft beer drinking demographic.

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