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Spectrum Health – Joint Replacement Surgery

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Hassan Alosh, MD, MS

Orthopedic Surgery

Spectrum Health Medical Group

*When should you consider joint replacement surgery?


What is joint replacement surgery?

  • Joint replacement is a surgical procedure to remove and replace an arthritic or damaged joint with an artificial one.
  • The artificial joint is called a prosthesis.


What are the benefits of joint replacement?

  • Improved quality of life is the biggest benefit patients see. It can help to relieve pain that doesn’t respond to medication, therapy or other nonsurgical treatments.
  • Another benefit of joint replacement is improved movement. Joint replacement surgery helps to stabilize a join, which allows you to move more freely.


What types of joint replacement do you specialize in?

  • I have special interest in hip and knee replacement.
    • During a knee replacement procedure we remove a small layer of bone and damaged cartilage. A prosthesis replicating the knee joint is then put into place.
    • During a hip replacement procedure we replace the head of the thigh bone and the hip socket with a prosthesis .


When should somebody consider joint replacement surgery?

  • People that undergo joint replacement surgery have severe joint pain, stiffness, swelling, muscle weakness and limited range of motion.
  • We like to consider all other treatment options before considering surgery—physical therapy, medications, things like that.
  • If one meets these criteria they may be a candidate. Many patients report high or very high satisfaction rates when considering pain relief, mobility and quality of life.


How can somebody get in touch with you if they think they’re a candidate for joint replacement?

  • I am located at 4100 Lake Drive SE, Suite 300 in Grand Rapids. Our phone number is 616.267.8860.


Spectrum Health Medical Group
Orthopedic Surgery
4100 Lake Drive SE, Suite 300

Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone 616.267.8860

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