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Zeeland man pleads guilty to killing bear in front of cubs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OCEANA COUNTY, Mich. — A Zeeland man has pleaded guilty to shooting a black bear in front of her cubs.

Derek Allen Hassevoort pleaded guilty to unlawfully taking the animal, according to Oceana County District Court Officials.  He was ordered to spend 5 days in jail and pay $1,500 in restitution.

Hassevoort will also lose hunting privileges for 3 years plus the rest of this year, court officials said. The bear was killed Sept. 23 in Colfax Township.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, Hassevoort had a license to hunt bear, but it’s illegal to kill a mother bear that is in the company of her cubs.

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    • Real Hunter

      First, to get a bear licence you enter a sort of lottery. IF you win and get a licence you are REQUIRED to take a class given by the DNR where they teach you the LAW.
      He knew, and because he KNEW and STILL killed the mother, he should NEVER be alowed to hunt again. He has proven he has no respect for the law or the game.
      Real hunters respect their game.
      Second, it was BOW season. so you can’t “shoot” the bear.
      And lastly, only an idiot would hunt a sow with cubs or get between them. If you get attacked by a mother bear, and i hear you scream for help, i’m walking the other direction,
      I have zero respect for people who think they can do as they please.

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