Minimum wage protests meant to coincide with GOP debate

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MILWAUKEE — Protesters hoping for a bump in the nation's minimum wage rate used Tuesday's GOP debate as an opportunity for coordinated nationwide rallies.

Supporters are hoping to push the minimum wage issue into the forefront of the 2016 election.

Rally at McDonald's near 25th & Wisconsin

Fast food workers protested in Milwaukee, where the debate is being hosted. There were also fast food workers protesting in Chicago and the Detroit area.

Workers from 270 cities were expected to walk out on their jobs — demanding a living wage of $15/hour and the right to unionize.

At the same time, thousands of protesters are expected to rally Tuesday evening at the GOP Milwaukee debate outside of the Milwaukee Theatre.

The group representing fast food workers has been successful in influencing cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles to establish a minimum $15 wage.

FOX 17 asked longtime FOX News host Neil Cavuto, who is co-moderating the primetime debate, whether the protests nationwide will have any influence of questions asked to candidates.

“I think anything that’s topical will," he said Monday night. "I know that’s a cop out on my part, but I think anything that is a front-pressing issue… but we’re trying not to be influenced by the protest or gatherings or one cause over another."

Debate organizers said the questions during Tuesday night's debate will hinge heavily on jobs, taxes, salaries and the economy.

The 'under card' debate begins at 7 p.m. while the top-eight polling GOP candidates will debate beginning at 9 p.m. Both debates will air on FOX Business Network and will be streamed for free online.

FOX 17s Josh Sidorowicz is the only West Michigan reporter in Milwaukee and will have live reports from the debate throughout the week.

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  • fmc

    Why bother taking a minimum wage job? There are plenty of openings for doctors, lawyers, scientists, computer professionals and engineers, just to name a few. Just set your sights high and demand a job that pays 6 figures.

    Don’t bother thanking me, I’m here to help.

    • NO PC FOR ME

      But…But…Obama said “you din’t build that”
      According to the currant regime, susses comes from the government, NOT hard work.

      Of course Hillary has the best scam going. Just form a non profit and pay yourself 20 times your worth. Call it something catchy like, oh a “global initiative” and sell your country out for money.
      But be sure to claim you “care” about the little guy so he wont notice your getting rich on his back.
      I too am here to help. I just hope I don’t get Vince Fostered.


    What the socialists are not telling us is, Washington DC adapted the $15 minimum wage law. And lost 500.000 jobs. That one half million people without work.

    Do you think the politicians pushing this are so beyond stupid they can’t add ?
    They are not. they know exactly what they are doing.
    I give you Detroit as an example.

  • Commonsense

    Maybe these unskilled workers should start their own business and pay everyone $15 per hour. They can give their employees full benefits and 4 weeks paid vacation as well. Heck, why stop at $15 per hour?

  • Fun facts

    We are looking at liberal lifestyle at its best. Who would ever work at McDonalds other than young people or retirees looking to make a few extra bucks. It’s not supposed to be a career job you school flunky, no desire to better yourself idiots !! You want to earn more money, better yourself and get a real job, leave flipping burgers to young and old to make a few dollars

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