Windows 10 is getting a massive update

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A feature Mac users have enjoyed for years -- the ability to create and swap between different desktops -- is coming to Windows 10.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Windows 10 is getting its first mega-update on Thursday.

After updating your Windows 10 PC, your computer will boot faster, your photos will be clearer, reminders will be easier to set, and your PC will perform more smoothly.

But Windows 10 won’t look any different — most of the improvements are under the hood.

It’s essentially Windows 10’s first “service pack,” the term Microsoft had used for its occasional major updates that squash bugs and add new features.

Just don’t call it a service pack. Microsoft is touting its new “Windows as a service” model with Windows 10, by constantly upgrading the software. Microsoft says that Windows 10 will continue to evolve over time as customers provide feedback.

“We’re just calling it the November update,” said Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and devices group. “We’re signaling that we’re moving away from that service pack idea — but in truth it is every bit a service pack.”

Microsoft says the new update will make Windows 10 boot 30% faster than Windows 7 PCs. The Edge browser will get a Chrome-like feature, allowing people to sync their favorites across all Windows 10 devices. You’ll be able to use handwriting to set reminders in the Cortana virtual assistant app. And a host of driver updates will help make Windows 10 PCs take better photos and run more smoothly.

The update is also huge for corporate customers. Microsoft is giving Windows 10 a host of new features that make it ready for broad deployment in business environments. For example, after the update, IT managers will get control over how their Windows 10 devices get updated within their organization.

More than 110 million PCs are already running Windows 10, which debuted on July 29, making it the fastest adoption for any version of Windows in history.

Now that it’s ready for the corporate world, Microsoft is expecting Windows 10 to be the fastest-ever upgrade for businesses as well.

Tech consultancy Gartner expects 50% of businesses to have begun deploying Windows 10 by 2017.

Other Microsoft devices, including Xboxes and certain Lumia phones will also be getting Windows 10 upgrades Thursday. Microsoft’s goal is to have Windows 10 running on more than 1 billion devices by 2018.

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  • Sheila D.

    “We aren’t calling it what it actually is, because we don’t want peopel to realize that we keep putting out substandardly coded software year after year after year.”
    Sorry, M$. No Win10 for me.

  • Robert B.

    Microsoft has lied to their customers year after year, making empty promises and now hiding the sneaky stuff that is built-in to the core OS. Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon and many others use these type of “Trackers” to charge you more for the products you buy based on the cheapest price you’ve seen it. So the difference of price that you will be overcharged will go to the referrer(tracker) of your browsing history, etc. This should be considered “price gouging” and should be illegal.