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5 wounded in multiple overnight shootings in Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — Officers with the Grand Rapids Police Department are working to determine what led up to several separate shootings overnight.

It was shortly before 1:30 a.m. when police were first called to Spectrum Butterworth hospital downtown after a 19-year-old man showed up with a gunshot wound.  It is believed that the wound was self-inflicted; his condition is non-life threatening.

Within an hour of the call at the hospital, officers were dispatched to a shooting scene along Grandville Avenue SW.  A 25-year-old man there was shot and suffered critical injuries. The details of this scene are still under investigation. The victim's injuries after surgery are serious but stable.

And at approximately 2:46 AM, GRPD received calls reporting shots fired near the Globe Apartments on Commerce Avenue SW. Callers said that they heard multiple gun shots with several people running from the area. Three people suffered non-life threatening injuries in this shooting.

Then later around 3:40 AM, there was home in the 600 block of Layfayette Avenue NE that was shot at. Nobody was hurt. This is the second report of shots fired near this area in two nights, however GRPD cannot confirm at this time that they are related. Police say they found shell casings at the scene after both incidents on Saturday and Sunday.

No suspects have been arrested in any incident yet, and at this point in the investigation, it is unclear whether or not any of these shootings are related.

Right now suspect information for these shootings is limited.  Grand Rapids Police is urging anyone who has information on these shootings to call them or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.


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  • therealist

    I have been saying this for years about guns. No, I have no problem absolutely with those who wish to carry who are law abiding citizens, properly licensed, the gun registered as well. But 5 shootings in one night? I have been stating up the gun law to a ten year mandatory minimum for CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon illegally – not being licensed) or carrying a Concealed weapon that is illegal. (Stolen, bought on the streets, or the serial number is sanded off of it, and the person has no valid license to carry a concealed weapon. The current penalty in Michigan is a 5 year maximum sentence, and these guys generally get two years to five years in prison, the minimum sentence of two years, he will serve every single calendar day of that two years. Michigan does not have time off for good behavior, or early parole. A link to that law is below. Most of these guys can serve two years standing on their heads, and do not care it means nothing to them. When you up the penalty to a ten calendar year mandatory minimum, they will think twice about walking around with a concealed weapon (gun). Granted it will not stop them all, but it will stop many. Once you reach 5 years to 10 years, than they begin to squeal, as 5 years is a small chunk. Now Make the CCW law a 10 calendar year mandatory minimum, and that is considered a chunk out of their life, and once they see their pals getting caught and sentenced to a 10 calendar year mandatory minimum, they will think twice about carrying a gun around. This will not stop all of them, but a big share of the shootings from guys carrying a concealed weapon illegally. They DO NOT like 10 calendar year mandatory minimums! Too long of a stretch and to big of a chunk out of their life. I am in law so I see these sentencing’s daily in Court for carrying a concealed weapon. 2 years to 5 years, nest: 2-5, and 2-5 and 2-5 and 2-5, as there are so many of them, that the media does not even have an interest in them. Below are some links of interested, all from the State of Michigan.




    Good Day!

  • therealist

    I have stated this for years and years. The gun laws in Michigan need to be changed. No, I have no problem at all with a person who wishes to carry if they are a law abiding citizen, and are licensed, and the gun is registered. Right now the penalty in Mich. for Carrying a Concealed Weapon is a 5 year maximum sentence. Most guys receive 2 years to 5 years, and the minimum is “Calendar Years” as Mich. does not have time off for good behavior, nor do they have early parole. a two year minimum, means two calendar years.

    But these guys can serve 2 years standing on their heads, and it means nothing to them. Now if he is caught again carrying illegally without a license for the second time it is a 5 calendar year mandatory Minimum. Now the threshold is 5 years minimum, as that starts to hurt a little. Up the Carrying a concealed weapon to a 10 calendar mandatory minimum, and most of these guys will not take the chance and many will not carry a gun any longer, because the stakes are too high. Granted it is not going to stop them all, but once they start seeing their pals getting sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 10 years, that hurts, that is a “Chunk” out of their life. 2-5 years is a “Bit” out of their life. This is our only hope of controlling illegal guns on the streets and shootings all the time here in good old GR, not to mention, Kalamazoo, Battle creek, and on and on!

    • anonymous

      First of all you are stupid michigan does give time off for good behavior 1 yearin mich. = 10 months with good nehavior, second of all i was charged with a ccw , but didnt harm anyone because grpd is stupid and charged me for legally having it in my car that did not have a trunk, so therefore i was charged for doing right, sscond of all if you think 10 years of tax payer money is gunna stop them guess again, must be a democrat. So next time you want to spew “facts” make sure you know what you are talking about first

  • Fun facts

    Anywhere there are high percentage of black people is Americas Middle East . We talk how unstable the Middle East is and all we have to do is look at our own back yards. It’s the fault of climate change lol

    • Bob

      No it’s not the fault of climate change.

      It’s the fault of too many Government programs that have failed. We pay people to sit home and do nothing their whole life. These people have no respect for others and no value for life. It’s time to force these people off the welfare system and get them to work for a living just like everyone else does.

      If they had a full time job supporting themselves they would be to tired at night to be out getting into trouble.

      • Fun facts

        Agree.. I take it you didn’t see the sarcasm I was aiming for, I ended sentence with lol.

        It won’t be long before all these blacks turn to Islam and hope for downfall of the US.. It’s already started

        • Here

          U Bitchs sound very uneducated. First of all where do guns come from second were in any of theses post did it say blk people so i guess when they r talking about dummies shooting up schools they r talking about Honkys

        • NO PC FOR ME

          us bitches aren’t out stealing guns on killing.
          Facts aren’t racist. The FBI releases statistics. us bitches are the victims.
          80% of gun crime is committed by members of only %20 of the population.
          Us bitches aren’t afraid of the truth, like you are.
          Us bitches don’t seal guns and kill people for fun. Us bitches are just getting tired of being the victims of the real racists.
          Us bitches know the truth.

      • jack dean

        I agree stop handing out free money to these lazy couch potatoes and make them work and reinstate capital punishment for those who were caught or confessed to murder / let the punishment fit the crime or offer a foreign country a percentage of what it cost to house them here maybe thry will end up wishing they were dead and stop making our prisons like country clubs its supposed to be punishment not a vacation

  • prospectne

    Grand rapids inner city blacks need to report who and where their thugs are.

    Start with Jermaine Cooper. I’m sure he has hundreds of cousins, friends know where he is.
    Rewards? Make it enough that they’ll start talking. Post rewards where inner city blacks see it, walking down Lafayette, Eastern, south of Wealthy, parks, schools.
    Inner city crime is due to the least educated females multiple breeding with least educated street thugs and raising uneducated kids that only know street crime , hooking up and welfare as a way of life by age 8.
    GRPS , DHS, neighborhood associations and CPS need more awareness on how to report crime as a silent observer for school age kids. There is substance abuse, drug deals, gang thugs, guns, crack whores, alcoholics in too many homes and the moms are acting like ferral cats bringing new men every weekend to party with. Get serious with intervention at a younger age to prevent crime when they hit teen yrs. Post the criminals faces where a 10 year old will see them. If they’ll shoot someone for 25$, post 100$ reward for info where to find them and silent observer phone #.

    • Commonsense

      Oops, someone got mad because they didn’t get the drugs they wanted. One has to wonder how many of the people involved in these situations are being open and honest with the police department? We need to hold the hands of the criminals involved because we don’t want them to get their feelings hurt and be responsible for their actions, note, heavy dose of sarcasm! Guess what, after what just happened I’m Paris, the Police need to be even tougher and more diligent. If you want to screw around with the law get the hell out of the U.S. and go live in Libia. Ok, off my soapbox now!

  • prospectne

    Black single inner city females are averaging 4 kids by age 21. Welfare requires a new kid every 2 yrs to keep FIP, section 8, WIC, bridge, Medicaid. Most will never work as a taxpayer as a teen daughter will start breeding by age 16. The section 8, free housing, provide for the whole bunch of able bodied, non working freeloaders.
    Our hard working tax dollars at work in Grand Rapids.
    Blacks wonder why they are least respected in Grand Rapids, mi. It’s because welfare as a way of life is on their 5th generation. Their family and moral values are that if ferral cats and they’re raising street thugs faster than GR can raise money for more jails.

    • Bob

      Cut their welfare off. If they need help let them go and live with one of their relatives like people in other countries do.

      Of course you know that won’t happen on Obama watch.

    • Kay

      You seem to have all the answers to the “black problem” why do white males shoot up schools,churches, movie theaters & every other fucking place ?? Riddle me that funky bastard!!

  • prospectne

    I live near the 600 Lafayette NE block shootings. My dog was barking about 2:30am. I turned on porch light, seen 4 young black males on foot near corner Lafayette NE and Matilda ne, behind vacant building. Later I heard what I thought at the time were fireworks, so didn’t call GRPD.
    Ever since Creston Plaza project reopened there has been increased groups of young people walking down Lafayette be. Lafayette ne, Michigan ne to Leonard ne needs more police presence.

  • Commonsense

    It is much appreciated when one negro criminal kills another negro criminal. Since we can’t get judges to lock up these human rejects for life and we don’t have the death penalty, this is the best option. If these animals kill each other we don’t have to pay to keep them in prison or pay more warfare.

  • Dean Carleton

    So, GR…5 injuries and 3 shootings in one day.
    Pesky facts are beginning to get in the way of your marketing propaganda touting the city as safe.
    BTW, how’s that new police chief working out?

  • Dean Carleton

    It’s ok everyone, they caught the Heritage Hill carjackers. The city’s elite are safe once again, so we can all rest easy now that the important crimes have been solved.

  • prospectne

    When “nobody seen nothing” we have to assume it’s black on black crime.
    If a white person was involved, shot at a black person, the black neighborhoods or a police officer was involved cue 3-2-1 video cameras and witness come forward screaming racists, riots, BLM etc.
    Blacks rarely report crime or criminals unless a white person or police officer get involved…
    Blacks simply wont report a brother, regardless if the crime.

  • prospectne

    The #1 cause of death for black males is murder.
    95% of the murders are done by other black males.
    The percentage would be far higher if it wasn’t for our highly skilled ER units in close proximity to inner cities where the most violence occurs.

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