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Jackie Green makes big announcement on FOX 17 Morning News

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOX 17’s Jackie Green made a big announcement on FOX 17 Morning News … with a twist!

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  • Undisclosed

    While that is great and everything…money, efforts, energy and time could have been saved…and an EXISTING LIES forever changed…if the Greens ADOPTED a beautiful children in need. Your familial choices are certainly you’re own…but then I sincerely hope that the same level of respect can be made for women who choose to terminate their pregnancy.

    • Just a Thought

      Not everyone is made to adopt. It may not be for everyone. Adopting is a big deal. I 110% support adopting, but adopting, having your own child and termination in no way are related…. You cannot tell a person who is choosing to have someone carry a child for them that now they need to respect and believe in termination because its no where near the same thing. She wasn’t able to have kids, her husband can, her sister can carry…What’s so wrong with that…maybe a little more thoughtful comments next time, as this is an exciting moment in her live. This is completely what is wrong with people…if you don’t agree you put them down… if you don’t agree you can still support them. Just sad to read this comment when they should be thoughtful and happy comments.

  • Sally Botsis Lott

    Sweet, energetic, little spit fire Jackie Green what an amazing story and like they say third time’s a charm. Twins, no less….truly BLESSED~! You will have your hands full, but your high energy level will excel what over what any twins can do. Such a very special bond between you and your sister and it has just been taken to a new level. CONGRATULATIONS to you all and your families. Love, prayers, 20 little toes and 20 little fingers, and also 2am feedings. A piece of cake for you with your schedule changes. Here’s to twins, precious memories and May 2016….Mother’s Day? <3

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