Documents: Toddler dies after siblings put her in oven, turn it on

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

J’zyra Thompson

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas Child Protective Services says a toddler who died from severe burns was put in an oven by one of her two 3-year-old siblings when the children were left alone in their Houston apartment.

KTRK-TV reports court documents it obtained show 19-month-old J’zyra Thompson’s two siblings told CPS investigators that one of them put the girl in the oven and the other turned it on.

Police believe the girl was one of four children who were left alone Monday by their mother and her boyfriend.

According to court records, the two 3-year-olds told CPS workers they made the oven “hot.” They said the baby was kicking the oven door while inside.

CPS workers say in court documents that charges are expected to be filed.

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  • Josephine Washington

    Where was the CPS worker while these children were hurting this baby girl? Probably out somewhere stealing a person’s children that was always home with their kids and never done anything to harm them. CPS in this nation has gone to hell.

    • Jennifer

      are you seriously trying to blame the social workers for the scumbag mother leaving her 3 year old children alone with at 19 month old baby??? You are a very special kind of stupid, arent you?

    • Not Impressed

      Do you honestly think that CPS heads out and hunts down people for no reason, if you’re being evaluated by any CPS agency there is a reason for it… they don’t just head out on a witch hunt. Ignorant.

      • Skeptical

        All it takes is for someone to call CPS and leave a anonymous tip and they will start investigating someone, so yes CPS does head out on witch hunts, the tip doesn’t even have to be factual, say someone doesn’t like you or something all they have to do is call and leave a fake tip and depending on where you live and such CPS will start a witch hunt. But in this case i agree that the mother is the one at fault since CPS workers don’t have magical powers to know every time a child is left alone or neglected or abused.

  • Hot-Lips Diaz

    These kids weren’t in CPS custody …. They were left alone by their poor excuse of a mother and her dumbass boyfriend.
    I guess they wanted a night out without kids. Well I hope they both suffer like this little girl did and spend the rest of their lives in prison. Dumb motherf**kers.

    • Fun facts

      I am certain that I could give a rats ass what you think. Isis is right here in the US, the black lazy monkey people who hate America . Only a few are decent people, the rest just worthless. it would be better if you showed support for France by sucking on a grenade, your pic looks stupid ya Facebook living idiot !!

    • Fun facts

      You forget the youngest convicted murderer ever, the freezer lady. Most black kids are abused, there only reason is a welfare check . Look at them , they are not taught to be decent people, taught to be thugs and to hate whitey. They all grow up hating whitey for the things they don’t have so they steal, and murder all because their parents lazy, grand parents lazy and thus the cycle continues. Look at you pointing finger at whitey, there are more white people here in Michigan yet they commit 20% of the crime including child abuse, ya idiot

  • prospectne

    Whenever anyone suspects a parent either leaves their children alone, has an abusive parent, boyfriend, siblings or you have any suspicions, call in an anonymous tip to CPS. This woman clearly neglected her 4 young kids.

    Unmarried with 4 kids , 5 and under is suspicious enough that she is an irresponsible parent.
    Where were neighbors when this baby was crying? Did anyone know she leaves her kids alone?
    This is what happens when welfare payments require a new child every 2 years to stay on welfare services
    . Every child in the state welfare system should have routine CPS home visits and the unmarried female should be required to be on birth control and control future promiscuous breeding for welfare payments.

    • Bonnie Winberg Prestin

      I always thought that we should pay welfare benefits for the children you have when you enroll in the “system” and not increase for future children. If you can’t actually afford to have and raise children then you should be limited to the number of children you have. We probably can’t require birth control but we certainly can limit the number of additional children we will pay for while you’re living on the work of your neighbors.

  • prospectne

    Inner city children of unmarried black females are always highest risk.
    The majority are supported on welfare and kids are how to maintain the payments. This has contributed to loss of moral and family values in inner city black families. Every kid was from a different black male hookup. No child support as black females never know who the father was…unknown!
    The lowest IQ females hook up with street thugs for welfare dollars. This is the 5th generation of welfare for most and child neglect is all too common in these families.

    • Bonnie Winberg Prestin

      It really is sad. Such a waste. Someone needs to step up and change the welfare reliance in this country. There are less and less people working and earning a living and more and more people living off the backs of others. It is creating generations of people who have no work ethic. They don’t even know what an insurance co-pay or deductible is. They don’t know how to make good decisions. Good decision making has to be modeled daily for young children. It is a shame.

  • Jai

    I don’t believe these kids did it… I think they told cps what they were told to say…. 3 year olds really picking up or luring a 19 month old in the oven…. Shit… the parents probably did it.

  • Linda

    Fun Facts, I hesitate to post this. I wish there was just a way to flag your account. The hatred and ignorance you write has no place on here. Your posts are incredibly racist. Vile. I don’t know why you say and feel this way, all I can say is that I pray for you. And, I apologize up front, can’t help the dig… A Trump supporter I assume?

    • Fun facts

      I’m not a trump supporter, I support no one but my family. I read the news every day and point out the obvious as I see it. If you have a problem with What I say I suppose you could ignore my comments.