Family of Muslim teen seeks $15M in clock incident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

IRVING, Texas (AP) — Attorneys for the 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested after taking a homemade clock to his Dallas-area school say he was publicly mistreated and deserves $15 million.

A law firm representing Ahmed Mohamed sent letters Monday demanding $10 million from the city of Irving and $5 million from the Irving Independent School District. The letters also threaten lawsuits and seek written apologies.

Ahmed took his clock to school in September, and an educator thought it could be a bomb. Ahmed was arrested but never charged. He was also suspended from school.

The family accepted a foundation’s offer to pay for Ahmed’s education in Qatar and has since moved to the Persian Gulf country.

Messages left for Irving’s city attorney and the district weren’t immediately returned Monday.

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  • donhughes93307

    So that’s how this shit works. Allow a terrorist in the country let them sue for no dam reason and steal our money then they take our money back to their home land to help fund more terrorist. Wow what a bunch of shit they should have been killed on site.

  • Katherine Peraza

    This is the “new” American Dream. Cry racism and get a pay out.

    It sickens me that the word ?racist? is being thrown around so carelessly. These accusations, in this PC world, can ruin peoples? lives! I wish we would stop worrying about, and thinking all day about racism. I know some (like the media) use it to make money and gain fame, but most Americans are STRUGGLING. We need to take care of bills, chores, OUR CHILDREN?. we need to put food on the #$%$ table!

    Most of us have lives. I have to worry about my rent ($1000/month), my health insurance ($295/month), my internet ($75/month from Comcast), my phone, my car insurance ($24/month from InsurancePanda), my electricity/heat/water, etc? all on a $45k/year salary!!! And I shouldn?t complain? because many people have it MUCH WORSE than I do.

    What I?m trying to say is we can?t spend all day attacking other peoples? characters and saying they are racist. Stop giving those that seek attention or publicity a platform. Learn to love your neighbor, get along with strangers, and help your fellow brothers and sisters. Do not engage with those who are indeed racist, filled with hate, and generally unhappy. THOSE PEOPLE ONLY WANT TO DIVIDE US!

    No…just no. Sorry, but I don’t think that he suffered $15M in damages to his psyche.

  • tjlong

    you can bet if he was white there wouldn’t be a law suit. he lives out of the country now…’s over, let it go. no law suit