Former Secret Service agent says mass shootings are becoming all too frequent, and it’s time to prepare

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- 14 people killed Wednesday afternoon in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, 14 others injured. This shooting is not the first one this year in the United States, and unfortunately something we see far too often.

Some incidents that happened in 2015 are the television journalist gunned down on the job in Virginia, a Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado a week ago, rival motorcycle gangs that killed 9 people in a restaurant Waco, Texas, a white supremacist gunman killed nine black church goers in Charleston Church, or a gunman in Oregon who busted into a community college killing 9.

The shooting in San Bernardino is a lot different than the other tragedies listed above according to experts. The other shootings this year usually involved disgruntled employees or individuals, lone shooters, who were prepared to die. Wednesday, there were multiple shooters and their attack seemed to be carefully planned. They made a quick and structured escaped from the scene according to authorities.

A former secret service agent, Jason Russell, tells Fox 17’s Cassandra Arsenault that the reality is these incidents are becoming more and more of a regular occurrence, and preparation is key.

“For whatever reason these shooting are definitely more prevalent, I don’t know whether it’s more coverage or whether they are actually more prevalent, but we certainly seem to be hearing about them every day. We have to face that reality. We have to prepared,” said Russell.

Jason Russell, a former secret service agent and owner of Secure Education Consultants, said this type of violence is not going away, and it’s something people need to be ready for at any time.

“If I said stop, drop, you would say roll, because we learned stop drop and roll as kids and that’s how we respond to a fire. We have to start preparing for these more violent incidents in much the same ways so we cannot bury our head in the sand and think it will never happen here.”

From journalists being gunned down, to a Planned Parenthood facility in Calorado, a restaurant by a motorcycle gang in Waco, Texas, a church in Charleston, or a community college in Oregon, Russell said after incidents like those there’s a spike in people asking for his services, but then afterwards he sees a rapid decline because people forget.

“Any place that a mass shooting has ever happened, the day before people never expected it. We have to begin to prepare, and training is the lowest common denominator. We have to start training people.”

The shooting in California is different. There were three shooters, so Russell explains how people can prepare for something like that.

“We train our clients how to respond not only to respond to the active shooting, but the active incident so the steps to take to keep themselves and the people in their building safe.”

Aside from preparation for coming face to face with a mass murderer, he said a shooting like the one in San Bernardino was meticulously planned, and they urge their clients to stay vigilant.

“ Anytime there is planning there is the opportunity for prevention which means generally people are doing surveillance on their targets they are visiting these locations ahead of time, so you know, people need to pay attention to suspicious activity and report it because these incidents can be prevented.”

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  • Billy

    “…pay attention to suspicious activity and report it.”

    OK, I would like to report that the US Government is actively violating the Constitution in allowing foreigners to enter this country unchecked through completely open and porous borders.
    I find that suspicious, especially given that we are supposed to be (according to them) in an active state of war against terrorism.

    • Steve Besser

      “…pay attention to suspicious activity and report it.”…yeah, thats what the school system did when clock boy brought the makings of a detonator in…….and now they are being sued for millions

  • Billy

    The time to prepare was decades ago. It is now too late to prepare, as it is already happening. What we can do is act in such a way as to regain control of the situation domestically, and then work outward from there. We can not continue to focus on foreign issues at the expense of the domestic situation. The two are very closely integrated, and must be dealt with simultaneously and in balance.

    We MUST close and secure our borders.
    We MUST restrict even indirect travel to and from the Middle East (as well as other terrorist-heavy areas) to government officials/employees.
    We MUST face the fact that we are at war, and can not maintain national security while people are allowed to come and go from this country in such an open manner.

    During peacetime, it is one thing. But we are at war. We can not take refugees, we can not have immigration, and we can not risk allowing people to come and go from centers of terrorism throughout the world. When someone is goign to try to force their way into your home, you do not go around opening the windows and doors! No, you go around the house closing and locking them, even if it is 100 degrees outside. You don’t tell your kids that they can run to the store when they want. You keep them in until you know the threat has passed. And you certainly don’t disarm the responsible adults in the house just because there are some irresponsible children in the house as well!

    Is there a war on terrorism, or isn’t there? Which is it? If there is, then let’s start acting like it. If there isn’t, then we are really taking an aggressive and hostile stance in the world without just cause and we should stop that. This wishy-washy in-between position is getting too many people killed!