Donald Trump rally interrupted repeatedly by protesters

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (CNN) — Protesters interrupted Donald Trump’s North Carolina rally at least 10 separate times Friday night in the most staged, disruptive protest of the mogul’s presidential campaign to date.

The protests began about five minutes into the speech and continued until his closing lines nearly 45 minutes later, as different individuals and groups — strategically placed in different locations all around the more than 7,000-person capacity auditorium — caused disturbances with signs and chants.

Several of the protesters were connected to Black Lives Matter, either wearing clothing bearing the movement’s name or chanting “black lives matter.”

Other signs called out Trump’s rhetoric, saying “Stop the hate, we make America great.”

Each time, the crowd booed and the protesters were quickly removed by a combination of security and authorities, though Trump grew clearly more frustrated as the disruptions continued.

“The dishonest media … will make that one person into the headline,” he said after the first one.

Trump has faced protests throughout his campaign, mainly aimed at his rhetoric about immigrants and foreigners, including from Black Lives Matter, but thus far the protests at each event have only caused one or two disturbances.

On Friday night Trump continued his recent effort to urge care with protesters after an Alabama rally last month in which a Black Lives Matter protester was roughed up by the crowd.

“Make sure that young lady is in beautiful shape,” Trump said after the first interruption.

But by the later interruptions, he urged security to deal with the individuals more quickly.

“Why don’t you take them out the nearest door instead of walking them through the whole place?” he said after the eighth incident.

He also blamed the frustration the Black Lives Matter protesters feel on President Barack Obama, saying instead of a “cheerleader” Obama has been a “great divider.”

The GOP front-runner also said he thought he could convince the protesters to join his cause.

“If I could speak to these four people, I’d say, ‘Look, you may be a Democrat, you may be a liberal, who cares, we’re going to make our country strong, we’re going to make it good,” Trump said. “I really think I could talk sense into them. … But remember there’s only four people.”

The mogul diligently continued with his speech through each interruption, but the rally was on the shorter end of his usual length and he began taking questions from the audience much earlier in his event than typical.

According to Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison, the authorities removed about 25 protesters from the event. Western Wake Fire Rescue Capt. Brian Egan said the capacity crowd numbered about 7,800.

While most of the protesters were peacefully removed, on two occasions apparent veterans wearing fatigues were observed forcefully manhandling protesters in an attempt to remove them, until authorities took over.

One self-identified protester tweeted about being violently removed.

“Forcibly removed from #trump rally. Trump supporters kicked me, grabbed my neck, pushed me, and more all while security jacks me up. Awful,” Romain Stanley tweeted.

Stanley told CNN via Twitter he was escorted off the property.

No arrests were made, according to Harrison.

“To my knowledge, we didn’t arrest anybody, we just escorted them out,” he said, adding the only goal was to “keep it peaceful.”

A combination of the Wake County Sheriff Department, Secret Service, Trump security, North Carolina State Fairgrounds Police and Highway Patrol were working the event according to Harrison.

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  • Fun facts

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a racist.. Bs black lies matter , pure bs. They don’t matter to me other then without them my take home pay would probably be much more since my tax would surely be less.. Linda ?

  • Annette

    If you don’t want to get kicked out, which I’m sure you resisted, and take the chance of possibly being treated roughly in a crowd of 7000 people that you just annoyed, you have no right to whine about it. You put yourself in that situation. It’s your fault, not theirs. If you want to be at the rally and be treated appropriately~act appropriately.

    • Annette

      Bernie Sanders let blm girls take over his mic. They just got up there, pushed him out of the way, and he let them. Trump is not having that. He is quieting the protesters and having them removed, as well he should. Trump is handling the situation appropriately.

    • Fun facts

      John@ true John or whatever you go by, you sound like a true retard. How about you protest by sucking a grenade? I’m sure you know how to suck, 50% of liberals are fags, the rest are black who don’t work. You people make me want to puke

    • Commonsense

      John is surely a Sanders supporter. Unfortunately, more and more losers like him are socialists. Those are the 47% that are the takers while the rest of us have our money confiscated and redistributed to the lazy. He and his fellow socialists are so worried about a conservative winning and taking our rights back and their loss of the “free ” money/benefits they receive, they will do anything they can to move our once great nation even further into a European socialist country. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves watching their country slowly disappear and the great American dream with it.