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‘I’d rather have lung cancer’: E-cigarette battery explodes in man’s pocket

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A man horribly injured after an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket is left with second and third degree burns on his leg, now warning others about the dangers he claims were never given to him.

Daniel Gosset, 25, was changing his son’s diaper when he felt a warm sensation creeping down his leg. Gosset said the battery in his pocket seemed to be heating up very quickly before it was too late.

“By the time I went to go unbutton my pants it ignited and blew, and by then it looked like a flare going off,” said Gosset.

The battery ignited due to spare change in his pocket which completed the positive and negative charges of the battery. Gosset said he put his child on the bed before facing the opposite direction as the flare melted his jeans and skin. The burn left him with second-degree partial and third degree burns on his right leg. His child was not injured.

“The tobacco company will tell you it causes lung cancer but the vape store ain’t gonna tell you, you could lose your hand, lose your face, or lose half your leg,” said Gosset. “I couldn’t wash my leg right off cause I would have washed all my skin off. I thought it was safer to vape over cigarettes. But I tell you what, I’d rather have lung cancer than almost losing my leg."

Gosset’s a father of two, uninsured, now left with scars for the rest of his life. He said he was never warned about the dangers of e-cigarette batteries in his three years of vaping. But those in the business say safety is key because it’s not the first time this has happened. Russ Swanson, Social Media Coordinator at Mister-E’s Vape Shop in Grand Rapids, said most of the time it’s user error.

“Being in social media I see stories of these things happening quite frequently,” said Swanson.

Swanson said it’s important to spend time in your local vape shop so they can guide you through the safe uses of e-cigarettes, that it’s critical not to carry bare batteries in your pocket.

“I would encourage you to buy a battery case or battery holder,” said Swanson. “That is two dollars between safety and spending the night in the hospital with second degree burns.”

Gosset said he’s never vaping again and asked to take a month off from work, doctor’s orders. Professionals in the business warn anyone who vapes to do their research before using e-cigarettes. And to never put an open battery in your pocket. They also say, things like change and keys should be kept away from the device.

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  • Alan

    Put ANY battery in your pocket with metal objects like loose change and this is going to happen! Typical media blaming ecigs when the root cause is stupidity. More house fires are cause by cigarettes than anything else!

    And to say he’d rather have lung cancer than a burn? Seriously? Low brow reporting in action here.

    • GinaRStark

      ”’G­­o­­­o­­­g­­l­­e­­­ i­­s­­ <­­-p­­a­­y­­i­­n­­g­­ 9­­7­­$ p­­e­­r h­­o­­u­­r! ­­W­­o­­r­­k ­­f­­­­o­­r ­­f­­­­e­­­­w­­ h­­­­o­­u­­r­­s ­­a­­n­­d h­­a­­v­­e l­­o­­n­­g­­e­­r w­­i­­t­­h­­ f­­­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d­­s & ­­f­­a­­m­­i­­l­­y­­! ­­O­­n ­­t­­u­­e­­s­­d­­a­­y I g­­o­­t ­­a­­ g­­r­­e­­a­­t ­­n­­e­­w­­ L­­a­­n­­d­­ R­­o­­v­­e­­r ­­R­­a­­n­­g­­e ­­R­­o­­v­­e­­r­­ f­­r­­o­­m h­­a­­v­­i­­n­­g e­­a­­r­­n­­e­­d­­ $­­8­­7­­2 t­­h­­i­­s ­­l­­a­­s­­t­­ f­­o­­u­­r­­ w­­e­­­­e­­k­­s.­­.­­ I­­t­­ s­­o­­u­­n­­d­­s­­ u­­n­­b­­e­­l­­i­­e­­v­­a­­b­­l­­e­­ b­­u­­t ­­y­­o­­u w­­o­­n­­t f­­o­­r­­g­­i­­v­­e ­­y­­o­­u­­r­­s­­e­­l­­f i­­f ­­y­­o­­u ­­d­­o­­n­­’­­t­­ c­­h­­e­­c­­k i­­t­­…
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  • T Jensen

    Been vaping for three years and has never researched battery safety? I call BS. He’s either incredibly stupid or he’s blatantly lying.

  • NZVaper

    FFS!!! The guy is a damn idiot! Any vaper should know to NEVER carry loose batteries in your pockets for this VERY reason! You keep them in their plastic battery cases when you don’t have them in your device.

  • Blake

    This is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. What does this have to do with Vaping?? This could happen with any battery. I think this guy is thinking he can sue who ever sold him that battery! Looking for a quick buck. Good luck with that!! You cant sue Stupidity!!!!!

  • Mark H.

    This almost happened to me. I had a battery in my pocket with my keys, and the keys must have shorted the battery. I felt it getting warm, then hot, then very hot, over about 5 seconds. I reached in my pocket and took the battery out as soon as I could. The thing was almost too hot to touch but I figured I’d rather burn my fingers than lose a leg (and my favorite pair of jeans, lol). Weird thing is, after I took it out of my pocket, it kept getting hotter for about 30 seconds. I thought it was going to vent (the proper word for a battery “explosion”) so I put it outside. An hour later, I checked on it and it was cool to the touch, and it hadn’t vented, but I wasn’t about to risk using it again so I disposed of it at a battery recycler.

    I was always worried that a battery could short out in my pocket, but until that day, I didn’t believe it would really happen. Now I keep my batteries in a battery case, which can be bought from most vape shops for less than $3 and protect the batteries from doing this.

    • deek

      hmm i like the line maybe 2 pennys in my pocket which cant travel the length of an 18650 torch battery which this battery is so impossible to cause a short yet more evidence including the how ot magically burnt his left leg too,i test batteries and sell them and have vented batts on purpose,this is a fake accident more than likely paid for by a tobbacco company

  • Krew Cunnington

    The same thing would happen with any other kind of battery…as an employee of a vapor shop I do nothing but preach battery saftey to customers this accident has nothing to do with e cigarettes its elementary level of an understanding of how battery work…this is nothing more than the media over exaggerating a story on the wrong side of a controversial issue. Support hr2058. Take out big tobacco. Stop believing all this false media coverage. Do your own research. Its i ggnorant to say youd rather have lung cancer. I wanna lose it right now this article is so stupid!

  • Joshua

    Coming from someone who works in a vape shop i daily explain to people battery safety and all of the stories of people blowing themselves up with ecigs and batteries is pure stupidity on the isers part. Natural selection is bound to happen in this world and this is just another form of that. I am gappy this man feels lung cancer is better than a 2 dollar battery case to ensure safety.

  • m

    Thank you for the warning and sharing your story. I can say that I have stored batteries improper. In my junk drawers ect. I hope you get better fast. All batteries should be sold with a plastic case with warning stamped on the batteries do not store next to metal!

  • CarlotaNigs

    how ignorant… he obviously hasn’t lost a loved one to lung cancer, choosing to “almost” lose a leg, or due being suffocated by your own body… idiot

  • David

    They are actually torch batteries, they were used for torches before vapes came along so remove the word electric ciggarette from your story idiots, it was a loose torch battery that touched metal in his pocket.

    You are so stupid Fox.

  • Wook

    So this !dumbass! thought it was a good idea to carry batteries and pocket change in his pocket together. This is entirely his own fault and has no one to blame but himself. Batteries are not toys, all batteries are dangerous and need to be treated with care. I can’t believe this isn’t common knowledge

  • G

    This guys an idiot and a liar and fix is just as bad for letting it show without making comments about how that could happen with any battery and that this actually had nothing to do with an e cig shame on fox

  • Bill Gerrettie Jr.

    Nha, I’d rather not have cancer, have my leg, and not be a total moron who puts a battery in his pocket with a bunch of metal objects!

  • Commonsense

    No health insurance? He must be lying as Obama solved that problem long ago. That being said, how can this tool afford to smoke to vape but can’t afford health insurance?

  • deek

    i like how the battery magically moved from the outside of his rightleg to the inside of his left leg another guy been paid by a tobacco company to fake an accident too many of these going around

  • Nige Rudd (@nigelrudd)

    18650 batteries are used in torches, RC models etc etc.
    Because this guy owned it for an e-cig is irrelelevant, it vented because he was stupid.
    Torch vendors don’t warn about battery ignorance either.
    Non-story with added anti e-cig angle to justify publishing… Predictable media sensationalisation.

  • Poyda

    18650’s are also torch and camera batteries and were before they were used in ecigs and only a complete ass would put them in they’re pocket with loose change do u even understand what a battery is? That they hold an electronic charge. unbelievable completely stupid and u say u would rather have lung cancer than a scar on your leg, whaatt! do u know what cancer is, jeez keep on smoking stinkies and shuffle of this mortal coil early if that’s what u prefer no loss to humanity

  • Dom

    Lmaooooo how much cash do you think big tobacco paid this idiot? Takin a month off from work? and blaming the vape industry for your stupidity? Dude,go play in traffic. IDIOT

  • Mike

    I don’t use vaporizers, I ran across these stories because I’m into flashlights and was reading about batteries. It’s obvious even to a fool like me when someone is pedaling blatant propaganda and I know a smear campaign when I see one. Anything to scare someone back into your legal addictive deathtrap. First phony stories of popcorn lung and now this. All these commentors are right, if this had been a battery used ib a light this story wouldn’t be here. Shame on fox, this story clearly shows that you do NOT care about the well being of your viewers. Chasing that almighty dollar for the small cost of your decency. Nice

  • vapelaw

    I have never been to a vape shop where they didn’t warn you about the precautions that needed to be taken with handling batteries. Honestly who carries a loose battery around in their pocket, the stupidity of people. we can chalk this guy up with people who use charcoal grills in the house, and those who use extension cords to wire their homes.

  • Wegetityouvape

    I call utter BS on this guy. I’ve never known a vape store to not sell an eCig starter kit to a person walking in without a mod and to advise them to do their research before going into more complicated devices. He either pretended he knew his stuff or just ordered some crap off the internet tryin to save those couple pennies in his pocket.

  • Achim Scholte

    probably by his own stupidity. Keys or metal objects in his pocket with a battery. Or some other dumb ass thing.

  • R conrad

    Smoking INTENTIONALLY cause millions of deaths and its no big deal but then you get the occasional idiot who starts a battery fire and then vaping is labeled dangerous for your health yet in truth vaping SAVES lives by the thousands but thats never reported by the media. This is completely insane and i suspect the tobacco lobbies have much to do with this. It isnt about health and getting people off the stinkies rather its about how much money can be made. We live in such a greedy fucked up world. VAPE ON!

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