Family says puppy was stolen from their porch

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

[Update: Dec. 9]

Snowball the Husky puppy was returned to the Kempker family Wednesday.  The family told FOX 17 two kids  found him in Harrison Park and returned him to them.

[Original story]

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A West Michigan family is searching for a Husky puppy that they say was taken from their porch Sunday evening.

The Kempker family recently moved to a home in the 800 block of 11th Street NW.  They moved from a rental they were living in after a fire destroyed their previous residence in March.

Mary Kempker claims the puppy, Snowball, was taken from their porch at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.  She said the dog was tied up outside to use the bathroom.

"When I came to get him he was untied and gone," Kempker said.

Kempker said her family contacted police, but she's also taking to social media to help locate the dog.   Her post on the "We Are Westsiders" Facebook group has been shared more than 1,600 times as of Tuesday evening.

Kempker said Snowball has been a big comfort for her children since the fire.

"He’s just a member of the family,” she said.

Kempker is offering a $250 reward for the return of her puppy.   Anyone with information on the dog's whereabouts can contact Grand Rapids Police.


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  • Bob

    I wonder if the Kempner’s would leave one of their children tied up on the front porch. Anyone dumb enough to leave a dog outside by its self doesn’t deserve to have a dog.

      • Terry

        How do you know them? I know them well as a very close and loving family. They have endured so much this past year. A fire is hard on everyone, especially kids. People leave dogs tied up all the time outside. How about this, instead of blaming the family and passing judgement, be concerned about those who broke the law and stole a pet from a family who already lost everything earlier this year.

        • Olive

          I know the crap she pulled on that 87 year old tenant. It was hard enough for her to move out of a home she had lived in for 44 years and for her to push her out before the date she was supposed to be out. She was in there when by law she had no reason to be in there and make things that much harder on her. You call that nice? Yes I think who took the dog should be punished but everyone is feeling so bad for this family, I don’t buy it. I had a friend who lost everything in a fire plus deal with cancer and lose pets and she didn’t go on the news. Everyone has hard times you just need to deal with it. Maybe I would have more compassion for her if she would have been a decent person to an elderly woman. Where was her compassion? Just saying!

    • GinaRStark

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    • Kristin

      He was outside on a long tie down,and he enjoys outside……everyone needs to stop judging a book by it’s cover and have some more compassion. …..this family is one of the nicest families I’ve ever met and you grown adults are acting like children… would you feel if this was your family pet, or your family in general……think before you speak and stop assuming stupid shit!!!!

  • Olive

    Karma,If people knew the backstory on this woman. Very rude to the 87 year old woman who had rented that house for 44 years. Made her life miserable. Pushed her out of the home before the date she was to be out, going into the home when she wasn’t supposed to be in there. Trying to let out her cat into the street. Don’t feel sorry for them. Only feel bad about the dog and that someone is taking good car of it.

    • Kristin

      Why wouldn’t she??? She offered a reward and when you offer a reward for something you give that reward when the deed is done!!! Why could you have said I’m glad the puppy is home and safe!! Why is it so hard for people to be nice, yet you teach your children manners,respect,courtesy, and not to judge people, but most of you on here do nothing but judge someone when in reality you know nothing about that person or family…..Merry Christmas Mary and family….I’m glad you got your puppy back and the kids have their smiles back……enjoy your holiday and once again congrats on getting your puppy back!!!

  • Kristin

    You in fact know NOTHING about this family…..the lady that lived in that house had entered of time to move and find a place…..I usually don’t stick my nose where it don’t belong, but I am in fact doing that right now because I can’t sit back I see your ignorance on this page, bashing a family that you don’t know, not to mention you don’t know any facts of the buying and selling of that house. You see someone had to leave their home after 44yrs, yes it stinks ,but it’s life,it’s reality and I’m sorry that she didn’t move sooner when she knew the date was coming near and for someone who is so concerned should have helped this lady, but instead you choose to bash a family that has endured enough….. God don’t like UGLY and you my dear are very ungly. I hope you don’t have kids with the way you behave. I wish you the best in life, I’ll keep you in my prayers!!!
    God Bless you child!!!

    • Olive

      I do know the situation. I know her personally. She had until Dec 6 to move. I did help her. She was in an agreement with her landlord that she had until the 6th to move. She couldn’t stay at her new place until the 1st. As she was moving out Mary was in the house while her cat was in there. She was very upset that the cat was going to get out. So you see you don’t know the whole story. I’ll pray for you. But I don’t care she is is a nicer place where she is safe and out of that rotten neighborhood. Looks like she got the better deal.

      • Mary

        No Olive you only know half the story, her half only but that’s ok, I don’t know you and I don’t want to. Nancy is in a better place yes and we are here so you can mind your own now and not focus on us. I didn’t”go to the news” they came to us. But that also has nothing to do with you. Also you do not know my chidren and honestly neither did Nancy. This is the last I am going to speak on it seeing we got our puppy back and we all learned a valuable lesson. I will pray for you that you can one day let whatever anger you carry you can let go of. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

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