Man sees Forever Home series, donates $1,000 in gift cards to foster care youth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A man dropped off $1,000 worth of Meijer gift cards to kids and teens in foster care Friday afternoon at Lutheran Adoptive Service in Grand Rapids.

This is another incredible donation made for foster care youth without a family this holiday. After seeing FOX 17’s Forever Home series asking for gift donations to be dropped off at LAS, a man who wished to remain anonymous made this kind donation.

“He walked in this morning and asked to talk to somebody about providing donations for children in foster care as he witnessed the [Forever] Home series,” said Lynette Ulman, LAS adoption specialist. “[I was] very shocked, very appreciative, I explained to him all about the children in need and where the gift cards would be going to and who they’d be going to.”

These gift cards will go to kids and teens who are in foster care living in residential placements, or group homes, not yet placed with families this holiday. Ulman said this is a great gift that teaches the kids some budgeting lessons, too.

“They very much enjoy the gift cards they can go out and buy what they really want, that’s exciting to be able to learn how to budget, and learn how to buy something when they only have a specific amount available to them,” Ulman said.

FOX 17 partners with Orchard Children’s Services ARC Program to feature a teen or child most in need of getting adopted each week through our Forever Home series. This holiday season ARC partnered with LAS to collect gifts for the kids, and on the last day of their donations, this $1,000 donation came in to make many kids’ holidays this year.

As always, if you would like to adopt a teen or child FOX 17 featured on our Forever Home series, or any other youth in foster care through the state, please call Orchards Children’s Services at: 1 (855) 694-7301.

Lutheran Adoption Service wrapped up their gift collection for this holiday, but if you would like to contribute, Ulman said they always accept gift card donations for kids’ birthdays throughout the year. You may drop those off at the Lutheran Social Services building located at 207 Fulton Street East in Grand Rapids; Lutheran Adoption Service is on the fourth floor.

Thank you for another amazing donation!

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  • NO PC FOR Me

    That’s awesome, Thanks to the man for his gift.
    I have thought that if I become wealthy I would buy as much land/forest as I could afford and set it up so the land could never be devolved, harvested, hunted or messed with in any way. Tens of thousands of acres just the way God created it and let the wildlife live in an environment without human interference.
    Someday it will happen.

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