Christmas Eve Wind Storm – Gusts clocked at 60-70 mph

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Quite the Christmas Eve storm system we've had to deal with over the last 12 hours.  Extremely windy conditions have led to thousands without power


Taking a look at the peak wind speed numbers, it's very evident why there are so many without power!  Many people commented on Facebook asking if there was a tornado, or if these winds were independent from any individual thunderstorm.  The answer is the latter.  While we mentioned severe weather yesterday, fortunately we didn't have much more than 40 mph wind gusts with thunderstorms yesterday.  This morning, as the front continued to push through the area, winds increased over the threshold we normally see for severe weather!   That's 58 mph or greater and that's what we saw in Allendale with numbers even higher at the Gerald R. Ford Int'l Airport!

DMA_PeakWinds_24HR (1)

Many of the peak wind speeds occurred just after midnight.  Winds are already starting to calm down, but here's a timeline on when they'll take a break.

GarryWind (2)

They'll still blow by early afternoon, but peak wind gusts will be around 25 mph.

wind 2 (1)

By this evening, the winds will be a shadow of themselves compared to the morning.  Almost a dead calm will sweep over the area by this evening.

wind 3

This trend will continue for Christmas Day, so let's hope that everyone can get their power restored in time to enjoy the holiday weekend.  I know the men and women at Consumers Energy are working extra hard to make this happen, and we can certainly be very grateful for them.


As far as Christmas Day itself goes, it looks to be excellent (if you don't mind the lack of a white Christmas.)  Clouds will begin the day, but we'll clear out for sunshine in the afternoon, with nearly a breath of wind by the afternoon.  Have a great Christmas holiday if you're celebrating and just a plain old great Friday if you're not!



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