No charges in Cleveland police slaying of Tamir Rice

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CLEVELAND (AP) — A grand jury has declined to indict a rookie Cleveland police officer or his partner for their roles in the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a black youngster who was holding what turned out to be a pellet gun.

Patrolman Timothy Loehmann fatally shot Tamir Rice within two seconds of a police cruiser driven by Frank Garmback skidding to a stop near the boy in November 2014. The charges come after a lengthy investigation by the Cuyahoga County sheriff’s office and county prosecutors and a grand jury presentation that began in late October.

Prosecutor Tim McGinty announced the grand jury’s decision Monday.

A video of the shooting captured by a surveillance camera provoked outrage nationally and made Tamir a central figure in a protest movement over police killings.

McGinty says newly enhanced video shows that it is “indisputable” that Tamir was removing his gun from his waistband when he was shot.

He says it’s almost certain that Tamir intended to hand it over to the officers or to show them that it wasn’t a real gun. But he says there’s no way the officers could have known that.

Relatives of Rice say they’re disappointed but not surprised that the grand jury declined to indict the officer who fatally shot him.

In a statement released Monday through a lawyer, the family accuses McGinty of “abusing and manipulating the grand jury process to orchestrate a vote against indictment.” The family says the prosecutor’s handling of the process compounded their grief.

McGinty says he put the case before a grand jury so the evidence would be reviewed not only by a prosecutor but also by a panel of citizens who would make the final call on whether charges were merited.

The family urged anyone who’s disappointed in the grand jury decision to express that “peacefully and democratically.”

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  • Citizen supports police

    Fox 17 is getting as bad as that other GR news station by posting inflammatory headlines. “Slaying” …Really? For the officers on patrol tonight; know that the majority of us Americans appreciate the job you do. Even if the media doesn’t portray it.

  • Tyrone Shoelace.

    “Slaying” Really ?
    Slaying implies Murder. Is Fox starting to play the hate cops game now too?
    The young boy pointed a weapon at the police. doesn’t matter if it was a BB gun. Don’t point anything at cops, do as you’re told and STFU.
    Basic 101 stuff, like looking both ways before you cross the street.
    And the fact the young man was black has NOTHING to do with it. A white guy would be just as dead if he pointed a gun at a cop.


    I understand the media is attempting to change the perception of Americans against cops, well guess what? we aren’t buying it.
    In fact we have caught on to the left wing narrative and are smart enough not to accept it.
    Resistance is NOT futile and we refuse to be assimilated into the liberal borg collective.

  • donhughes93307

    But wait the worthless ass niggs will start a riot over this. Just like all the other worthless animals they bring in our society they don’t do anything wrong. Dam animals this is what they get.

  • Jay

    How come police don’t know how to use there gun with out killing someone is pathetic I have been around gun my whole life and I guarantee most any one with a history with fire arms could dis arm almost all the the police homicides That have taken place due to a lack of training or just not caring. 100% fact police departments in the USA don’t have to keep track of how many people they kill (homicides ) it’s voluntary information talk about a lack of accountability cops in the USA killed more people in the U.S. Then any combined terrorist attack in the U.S. Since 2001 the nubers of homicides by police are over 15,000 rember these nubers are volunteery to report from the police departments so I guarantee its higher. I’m not comfortable with a low IQ making 50 K or less deciding who lives or dies AND yes it is a 100% fact that cops have a lower IQ The Supreme Court ruled that the police cannot hire someone if they deem they are too intelligent 100%fact