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Man, 30, to be charged with Grand Rapids murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Demario Antwan Chandler (Photo from the Michigan Department of Corrections)

Demario Antwan Chandler (Photo from the Michigan Department of Corrections)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A 30-year-old man is facing numerous charges in connection with the April 18 murder of German Antonio Rodriguez-Duarte.

Demario Antwan Chandler will be charged with open murder, felony firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to the Grand Rapids Police Department.  He is being charged as a fourth-time habitual offender.

Chandler is serving time in a Jackson correctional facility on other weapons charges, according to online prison records.  He was sentenced in October for possession of a firearm by a felon and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police said in a release he will be brought back to Grand Rapids to face these new charges.

Rodriguez-Duarte, 35, was found shot to death in the 500 block of Hall Street on the morning of April 18.

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  • Johnny Rebel

    He a good boy who dindu nuffin wrong. He was turning his life around and going to church about to start college. Now who gone pay for his 8 kids? The police be rayciss arresting this young black man.

      • NO PC FOR ME

        No we are not racist. you are. we are just tired of being victims and have began to fight back.
        BTW if I was a racist, i’s have a name like “white power” . guess your name tells the truth anout whos the real racist, eh buster…

        • Shenika

          what’s the difference if it was a white man…. He would of been declared crazy put in a institution for months and then released back to society so you telling me black men can’t make mistakes I’m not taking up for him but bashing ain’t gone Change the situation either coming from a 23 ya old grow up we need to be changing the future and seeing what we can do to stop the violence it’s not just blacks white people act like negroes to this is not a race problem it’s a street problem

          • prospectne

            After 4 felonies it wasn’t a mistake, it was a choice.
            No respect for society choice.
            Are you actually defending this cockroach if civilized society?
            Clean up thus trash, report there crimes, where they live.
            Black folks need to quit defending black crime. The inner city us becoming a ghetto wasteland because of these animals.


    So a third time offender was out on the street ?
    The anti-gun lobby loves this guy, he steals a gun ( or more ) shoots a man ( or many) and the anti-gun liberals use his crimes to use as the excuse to ban OUR guns.
    It was also leftist policies that allowed a 3 time offender to out on the streets giving him the opportunity to commit even more crimes.
    Now lets talk about BLM and the special protected class status…
    “room to destroy” because 300 years ago ….bla bla bla.

    • Shenika

      He’s not the only reason they trying to ban guns I mean be real about it you got people shooting up schools and churches all whites and they get a pat on the back there is a bigger issue maybe very body shouldn’t have the right to bare arms

    • Fun facts

      How many negros does it take to screw in a light bulb ? Doesn’t matter, most of them will sit around and wait for someone else to do it. While waiting they’ll blame it on whitey for not having light. Then they will rob, rape and murder for that quick buck.. True story, for more info watch local news tonight

      • Shenika

        What about the white weirdos that’s kidnapping and rapeing these kids Negro comes in different shapes and sizes iya not just about color it’s about actions and it’s not just black or white it’s all races it’s not a race related issue it’s street related that’s the problem we need to focus on

    • prospectne

      Every new generation of inner city blacks are less functioning than the previous. Thank welfare breeders for that.
      The least educated ho type black females hook up with least educated ho type feral cat black males and breed these animal type zombies that have no hope of functioning in civilized society. Raised by ghetto rats, never taught to speak respect, they become the cockroaches of civilized society.
      Inner city blacks could step up their game. Finish HS, get a job, don’t breed like feral cats, support yourself and families in an honorable way and maybe you’ll be respected. Grown men waddle down the street with pants around there knees. You’ve bumped down thru your own choices.
      Look around at other minority races. Their married raising respectable educated kids. Buying houses, owning small business.
      How many inner city black males own a business? Own a house, even own a car?

      • Prospectne worst nightmare

        You are the most ignorant person I ever read a reply on. Lets talk about that!!! You’re the type of person who wish slavery still existed telling your kids that Columbus discovered America huh? Even though blacks (called Moors back then) and Indians were already here. All your people do is take and destroy. 400 years of slavery and we still prevailed. Yet we still have people like you pointing at us when your people created the problem. You want peace and think you’re so great yet the real racist don’t even care about you. So next time you or a family member is fighting for your life on a surgery bed. Tell that black doctor raised in the ghetto how you really feel so he or she can pull the plug and let you die and give up on you or your loved one. Smh

        PS- Ask Isis who the real enemy is. I knew since 91 when I went over to the first gulf war fighting for your freedom. Clown

  • prospectne

    Remember Jermaine cooper the black guy that murdered the white waitress from Holland, mi. Jermaine had 17 prior convictions. That animal was not in jail.
    All these black street thugs have nothing better to do than be a drain on society. I believe they take pride in speaking, looking and acting like ghetto rats.
    No wonder they’re profiled. Every single one has a rap sheet with priors back to 12 yrs old.

  • prospectne

    Another thing. These black ghetto rats can’t speak without vile profanity, 4 letter words, garbage in, garbage out.
    I guess they know 10 words to express themselves. All ghetto rap gangster talk.
    So tough, lol. Your losers, welfare rats, welfare breeders, repeat felons, filthy animals that should have never been released into civilized society.

    • Shenika

      Well I’m black 23 home owner good job and I take good care of my family quit making it a black thing I’m very smart and you got whites,Mexicans doing the same thing killing some getting g away with it kids shooting up schools and churches those are the animals you mean to tell me y’all so smart but it’s the white people that commit the most violent crimes and nobody sees that for too long it’s always black this black that you don’t see black serial killers kidnappers or rapist all weird as touched white people who momma or daddy fucked them as a kid let this man be everybody makes mistakes he was put in a position where he had to get it by anymeans with having 8 kids he provided for some get on here throwing shots when you don’t understand this man never got a second chance most who hav e one offense don’t so they go back to the streets and get it the best they know how you probably will never understand cause ya momma probably titty fed you till you were 12 while ya daddy fucked on one of your siblings and you talk about animals explain you guys as creatures I’ll wait

      • prospectne

        #1 inner city blacks don’t report crime. Especially crimes of incest, domestic violence or rape.
        The majority of pregnant teens, 11 ,12 and up are black. Who’s the father.? It’s always stated as unknown as they had multiple partners, too many to DNA and the teens father is in fact unknown!
        Yes, incest and rape and prostitution are not reported by blacks.
        Whereas crime is reported in massively higher degrees by white families.
        Go to the local DHS. 99% black teens. many with 2,3 kids already.

    • Prospectne worst nightmare

      I guess you were sleep when Jeffrey Dahmer did his crime, how about Son of Sam and so many countless other whites?

      Oh you must can’t count or add either cause there are more whites on welfare than blacks per capita. I’ve come to learn you can’t teach ignorant people who want to point at others for their own failures. I laugh at stupidity. Their are more black millionaires than you think, at the same time opportunity is more hard on blacks who want to start their own business. When we live around cowards like you who smile in my face and talk behind my back how can we prosper? You try to destroy a whole race but won’t look in the mirror at yourself for your own mistakes. In 2016 you get a freash start. Change your ways before its too late. Peace

  • Orlando Jones

    Why talk down on us black people when the white people are taking so much from us black people #blacklivesmatter and stop the racism cause that’s what’s wrong with the world now and our justice system doesn’t make it any better today

  • Jason

    I know him we was in group homes js like i was so for all u white racist pieces of shit some of yall ancestors love black pussy yea them slave owners and yall wanna talk about blacks but white pple shoot up schools and churchs and get rewards and shit maybe blacks should js go around killing whites cause thats what shit gon turn into anyways if not war with the justice system but free my bro rio he did the right thing in my eyes…

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