Gaines Twp. girl made over $1,000 selling nude photos of herself to strangers online

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 15-year-old girl says that she earned more than $1,100 by selling photos and videos of herself nude online before her mother contacted police.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office tells FOX 17 that the are seeing a significant increase in these types of crimes, which are aimed at kids on social media.

The Gaines Township girl told detectives that she had been doing this for about a year and that she had four or five customers just in the last month, as well as other repeat customers.  The case only came to light when the girl’s mother found out about her daughter’s activities and reported it to police.

Images and videos were sent to customers through her gmail account and she was paid through PayPal. She did not send images until after receiving payment.

Sgt. E.J. Johnson of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office says that no arrests have been made and the investigation continues.

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  • Prevention education

    Once again, the Double Standard rings true- we live in a society where young boys and men are constantly being charged as sex offenders and yet the female walks free. Im not talking about the 60 year old perv, im talking about the young adults 18, 19, 20 something, who are falling prey to seductive females. Yes, they should know better, but still, Young men and boys suffer from JUST AS MUCH low self esteem, and self confidence as women do, therefore, that poor self image leads to unhealthy actions where they are carrying out these things going for younger girls. The only thing the article says is that no charges have pressed for those who purchased the pictures, however is she accountable for her actions? has she learned her lesson? Same as Domestic Violence charges, women can beat a man all day, smash all his belongings, and if he as so much reacts with violence, hes gonna be charged.. its not fair- the landscape for teen relationships is changing so much, and its getting worse.

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