Somali extremists use Donald Trump clip to recruit followers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Hillary Clinton recently claimed that the Islamic State group was using quotes from Donald Trump to recruit followers. That prompted Trump to call Clinton a “liar.” But now, a clip of Trump calling for Muslims to be banned from entering the United States has shown up in another extremist group’s recruitment video.

The video from al-Qaida’s East African affiliate, al-Shabab, calls on American blacks and Muslims to join up. The 51-minute video by the Somalia-based militant group says there is institutionalized racism and religious segregation in the U.S. and radical Islam is the way to fight back.

In the clip of Trump, he calls for the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

The video, which SITE Intel monitoring group said was released by extremists on Friday, presents several Americans who died fighting for extremism in Somalia and encourages American youths to follow their example.

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    More likely the video was produced by the “ready for Hilary” campaign. that’s the way she plays-dirty.
    But- if ISIS really did produce the video it means they fear him and are trying to influence the low informed ( Hillary) voter.
    So I guess, either way its a good sign. America needs a president that’s feared, these “lines in the sand” and “sternly worded letters” have made america a joke.

    Starting to like Trump more every day.

  • J.B.

    Wow…Hillary said it….now a month later they found one…..yet another HRC magical coincidence..
    Now the terrorists even make videos providing credibility for her after the fact….how convenient can you get? lol.
    What are videos of Hillary being used as, Terrorist immigration instructional videos?
    I guess i am going to vote for Trump,
    Not because i support everything he says.
    But just because all the right people seem to hate and fear him..that is endorsement plenty enough for me,

  • Andrew

    Assume for the moment that nobody had anything to do with this except the Somali extremists. Even if nobody exercised any influence over them to make this video, one thing is certain…they used it because they are afraid of Donald Trump and the hard line approach he intends to take with regard to terrorism. Terrorists, by nature, respond to fear very well. It is why they see it as a rational means of behavior in the first place. Nobody is afraid of a strongly worded letter from the UN. Nobody is afraid of a president who opens the doors to let people simply walk unchecked into the country. That “strategy” is not merely failing to act against terrorism, that is actually being complicit in it! Terrorists would LOVE to have HIllary as our president just as they LOVE to have Obama. No terrorist threats have been made against either of them, you will notice. Nobody has burned Obama in effigy lately. And the reason is because these clowns have been extremely soft on terrorism and been deliberately ineffectual in combatting it. Treasonously so. Trump, on the other hand, is at least talking about taking a much different approach. A much tougher approach. An approach which would actually threaten the terrorists. That scares them, and his popularity here seems to indicate that without a complete abandonment of the democratic process by the electoral college he is going to be our next president, so they are responding with a sense of urgency. This video does more to boost Trump’s credibility than anything…they are afraid of him already! “Look what is coming! Sign up with us now because the fight is going to get harder!” That is what this video is saying. It is saying that the terrorists fear what Trump will do against them. Meaning they are admitting to the world that his approach will be effective. They have just tipped their hand, and shown everyone the best way to beat them. They have shown what they are afraid of, and what they are afraid of is “President Donald Trump”.

    You may not like Donald Trump. You may think he is an insensitive, intolerant, bigotted jerk. And maybe he is. He seems that way to me. But as far as global problems go, those things fall pretty far down the priority list when compared with terrorism and the continued illegal invasion of this country by people with no regard for our laws or respect for what this country stands for. Those are much bigger problems than one guy being a jerk. And if it takes voting for a jerk to effectively deal with those bigger problems, I am more than willing to do it. Lots of our presidents have been jerks, and lots of those jerks have accomplished extremely positive and pivotal things for this country. Sometimes it takes a jerk to get things done, and to get them done right. What we have been doing since Viet Nam has accomplished nothing but making things worse. It is time to get the “shower the terrorists with love” hippies out of Washington DC, and put the will of the American people back in charge.

  • MajorPayne

    What is really disturbing is allot of people think this is a racial issue; IT IS NOT..
    Islam is a belief NOT A RACE..
    It is a religion that has killed millions in the past 1400 years and their belief is an unbeliever that doesn’t follow Mohammad it is merciful to just kill them; it is in the Quran.
    There is no such thing as a radical Muslim; those are being “good” Muslims and following what Mohammad did.
    They always play the victim card when in reality the whole world is the victim by the evil acts perpetrated by them.
    Look it up it is all there.
    Also former President carter did exactly what Trump is stating and also it is fact Law Allows the President to do exactly that. Carter did it during the Iran Hostage incident.
    Banned Iranian Students and told them to report to deportation centers or go to jail…
    The thing is stupid people will believe what they are saying; as in this case they are trying to make it a “race” issue and unfortunately a number of stupid people will believe them.
    There is a war going on; a war against a religion that demands people who do not convert to Islam DIE; a religion that demands “believers” submit to evil Sharia Law”; a “law” that favors evil over compassion….
    You don’t believe me?
    Just look at the news today in Paris, Germany and Africa, and other places where genocide is being committed in the name of Islam…
    A final point is I don’t care what or thing you worship; BUT if you try because of that worship hurt me or others I’ll open a can of whoop azz on you….

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