Teen killed riding sled being pulled behind vehicle

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Mason Dykstra, 15 (Facebook).

Mason Dykstra, 15 (Facebook).

MANLIUS TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A teen boy was killed after the sled he was riding on, which was being pulled by a vehicle, hit a tree, according to the Allegan County Sheriff's Department.

The accident happened just before noon Saturday in the 5300 block of 133rd Ave. when the sled the teen was riding on hit a tree while on private property, according to the sheriff's department.

15-year-old Mason Dykstra was taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Students and staff gathered Sunday at Hamilton High School to remember Dykstra. Administrators told FOX 17 Dykstra was an outgoing student who was part of the Hamilton High School football team.

"It’s been difficult for everybody. Loss is difficult when it is a 15-year-old boy in the prime of his high school career," said David Tebo, Superintendent of Hamilton Community Schools.

Dykstra is described as a normal freshman student who enjoyed life and had a great smile.

"Something like this will happen and they (students) will pull together and pick each other up. It will unite them because they care about their neighbor, they care about that kid across the street. It could of been my kid. It was an accident and they're going to pick each other up," said Tebo.

Funeral arrangements for Dykstra are still being arranged.

Investigators said they have not determined whether any charges will be filed against the driver of the vehicle that was towing the sled.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help for the Dykstra family to assist with medical costs.

Google Map for coordinates 42.659556 by -86.064601.

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  • Fern

    “Teen killed on sled being pulled behind vehicle”

    Why would they drag a dead kid behind a vehicle? Isn’t that against the law?
    Come on Fox17, have some respect for people and hire someone to at least proofread the articles about tragedies.

    • Shiloh's Mom

      There IS NO human proofreading done nowadays – on news websites or in local newspapers. The writing is awful, with spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and incorrect punctuation. There are also two completely unnecessary commas in the first paragraph. If writing is YOUR JOB and YOU WENT TO COLLEGE to study it, and you are going to PUBLISH IT PUBLICLY, then get it right. Readers expect excellence in journalism just like my boss expects excellence from me in my job.

  • Fern

    “Teen killed riding sled being pulled behind vehicle”
    That is hardly any better, Fox.
    The teen didn’t kill a sled any more than someone pulled him along behind a nehicle after he died.
    Try finding someone to properly place your modifiers for you if you don’t know how to do it yourself, or else use a complete sentence. After all, you don’t need to save space on the paper pages anymore.
    Here, I will do it for you this time, because it is the weekend and I know that you don’t have anyone literate on staff on the weekends.
    “Teen killed on sled which was being pulled by vehicle”

    • Shiloh's Mom

      Thank you for rewriting the headline, Fern! I’ve complained many times about the poor writing in today’s media but nothing changes. In fact I complained earlier today on this same article, but Fox 17 decided to DELETE MY COMMENT!!!! Wow…..I must have embarrassed the heck out of them I guess. :)

    • fernalicious

      Thank you fern but the rest of the world knows headlines are not always complete sentences. And you said there was a nehicle involved after the death. I did read that that there was a vehicle involved prior to the death. Maybe you could tell the rest of us idiots what a nehicle is and how we all missed that it was involved after.

      • Fern

        Headlines historically were not complete sentences only because of the space constraints of the printed page. In the digital age, the need for that does not exist. There is no reason for headlines to be anything but accurately communicative, and that means using complete sentences in most cases.

        The reference to the vehicle involved after the teen’s death was regarding Fox’s original headline for this article, which implied that the teen was being pulled by the vehicle after he had died. It was a gruesome and very insensitive way to phrase a headline for such a tragic event.

  • Commonsense

    Stupidity from everyone involved but the driver is responsible for the safety of everyone in, on, or attached to a vehicle jast as if this was a boat pulling a skier.. He or she should be held accountable. That being said, where were the parents of this young man? I can’t imagine the pain they are going through. Condolences.

  • Fun facts

    This happened on private property , makes no difference it was a vehicle pulling the sled. If it was a snowmobile there wouldn’t be room or calls to prosecute ? Prosecuters should leave this family alone, they lost enough and having to pay fines to a stupid money hungry government does nothing except line the coffers of corruption .

  • Fern

    It is because this is a tragic story involving a grieving family that makes this is the ideal place for this! You may thankfully have no idea what it is like to lose a loved one in a public tragedy and have to experience the insensitivity of places like this making it sound like something even worse happened than actually did, but I have had that experience and can tell you that it hurts quite deeply. I understand what it is like to read trash writing like this under those circumstances, and I can tell you that there is no better place to deal with this problem than right here where it is out in the open, in front of the public, where it is happening.

    Being unable to communicate facts accurately, and sensitively when necessary, should be a firing offense for a news reporter/writer. Allowing such insensitivity and ineptitude to make it to publication should warrant a public apology on the part of the media organization allowing it. There is NO excuse for this! NONE! The media is supposed to be serving the public, not slighting us for their own convenience. Not adding insult to our injury. This is appallingly unprofessional behavior, and it should not be tolerated.

  • Andrew

    Two other headlines about the same event from elsewhere:
    “Hamilton teen killed in sledding accident”
    “Students, teachers remember teen killed in sledding accident as ‘kid with a smile on his face'”

    Both are clear and accurate, both reflect no insensitivity.

    I have to side with Fern on this simply because to do it the right way is so freaking easy.
    It takes no extra effort.
    All it takes is a basic knowledge of the English language, which one would think is the fundamental requirement in journalism.
    Look, if Mlive can do it anyone can.

    • Shiloh's Mom

      Very well said, Andrew; those are my thoughts exactly. I get so tired of seeing such poorly written articles. Yes, you are right that all it takes is a basic knowledge of the English language, which one would THINK is the fundamental requirement in Journalism, BUT apparently it isn’t. Knowing good grammar, spelling, punctuation and writing skills is the journalist’s JOB. That is what they WENT TO SCHOOL FOR and WHAT THEY GET PAID FOR. So apparently this is evidence of the dumbing down of our colleges’ expectations and requirements, but nobody cares and nothing changes because they are lazy. Excellence is no longer expected; mediocracy is plenty good, apparently. I’m a secretary (NOT a journalist) with only one year of college and NO DEGREE, and yet I would get fired from my job if I performed this poorly writing just an email, let alone a news article that the public sees!!!!

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