MDOT’s construction season will be a busy one in 2016

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- While increased revenues for Michigan's roads won't kick in until after 2016, the Michigan Department of Transportation plans for a busy construction season for the Grand Region, which includes, Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Ionia, Muskegon, Barry, Montcalm, Mecosta, Oceana, Lake, Newaygo, Mason, and Osceola counties.

Several projects will affect drivers in Kent County on US-131 and I-96, and if you drive up north, you'll encounter road work on both US-131 and US-31. The start and finish dates on these projects will vary:

US-131 from Ann Street to Leonard Street: A new weave-merge lane will be added on the right from the Ann Street entrance ramp to the Leonard Street exit ramp. Work will be done on several bridges there, too.

US-131 between Wealthy Street and 28th Street: Concrete repairs.

US-131 at Franklin Street: Work on the bridge and ramps.

US-131 Business Route: Repaving of Leonard Street between US-131 and Division Avenue and repaving of Division Avenue between Leonard Street and I-196.

I-96 at Cascade Road: The interchange redesign will continue for the length of the warm weather season, with the old bridge demolished and two bridges built, resulting in the creation of what is called a diverging diamond interchange, which will eliminate left turn backups.

US-131, Mecosta County from 6 Mile Road to 13 Mile Road: resurfacing.

US-31, Muskegon County: Repaving along a 5 1/2 mile stretch that will go into Oceana County.

US-31 at Pontaluna Road: Improvements on the ramps and on Pontaluna Road.

I-196 at M-11 28th Street: Improvements on the exit ramp from westbound I-196 and some bridge work.

M-21 east of Lowell: Repaving to the Ionia County line.

Also, you can expect the usual pop-up repair projects that are usually restricted to off-peak hours and weekends. Many of the lane closures in the projects above will also be during off-peak hours.

MDOT's MiDrive app for iOS and Android helps you keep up with construction projects, check traffic cams, and other traffic data. The MiDrive map page is also helpful. Plus, you can sign up for MDOT notifications.

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  • J.B.

    No dime left unspent and union graft being spread far and wide i am sure.
    They got the tax, so business as usual can proceed full steam ahead before the blank check is even written.
    These “tax increase” solutions are about as effective as the cold patch M-DOT likes to sling so much of..
    Why expect change when we keep rehiring the same shady group that has already screwed us over 10Xr already?
    Good grief people…Re-Tax isn’t always the answer…Re-Form is what is/was needed…
    Until then, here is another bill for more of the same kind of work, from the very same people, giving us the exact same old excuses, about the very same lack of results for the money spent….enjoy your roundabouts.

    • Andrew

      It isn’t just the same shady group, it is the same substandard roadbed specifications. Roadbeds ought to be 24 inches thick, not 11. It won’t help over clay soils (primarily located in SE Mich), but it will dramatically help road longevity everywhere else.