How to find unclaimed money … safely

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Who doesn't like free money?  Many states are holding more than $1 billion in their coffers simply because it is unclaimed.

When Pat Jones checked the list, she found some easy cash.

"I found, I think it was $37, from an old phone deposit," she said.

She was so excited, she's now turning it into a hobby. "I found over $100 for my niece, and my father-in-law had  $310, so that was real fun," Jones said.

Some people, a bit suspicious of the whole gambit, asked us where does the money comes from?

Lori Woodrum had another issue: she applied for some unclaimed funds in her name and filled out the forms, but she never received anything. She was reluctant to give out her Social Security number because of concerns about ID theft. "They wanted me to send a copy of my card, and I didn't want to do that," she said.

State treasurers explain that unclaimed money is often from old bank accounts, insurance proceeds, utility deposits, even inheritances. They say applying through official state websites is safe. Yes, you will be required to provide your SSN, because that is how they can be sure it is really you claiming the money and not someone else.

In most cases, you have moved by the time the refund is issued, and they can't find you, because the Post Service only forwards mail for one year.

But make sure it is the state or a legitimate bank or insurance company you are giving your official information to.

The easiest way is to find out if you are owed money is to go to the website of  your state's treasurer. Or you can check them all at once by going to

If you are a married woman, be sure to check your maiden name as well as your married name.

If you find your name on a site, the site will probably link to forms where you can claim your money.  You will have to provide proof of identity, such as a scan of your drivers license, and your Social Security number.

Pat Jones now loves the thrill of telling relatives what she has found. "They're like, You're kidding!" It's money they never bothered to look for.

Must be sure you're dealing with the government, a known bank, or a known insurance company. And that way, you don't waste your money.

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