How to talk to your kid’s coach

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How to talk to your kid’s coach

Parents invest a lot of time and energy (and money) into their children’s sports. You want the best for them: fun, good training, playing time. But what happens when it goes bad or your kid is upset?  How do you express your concerns to the coach? Dr. Eddie gives us some guidance.

  • Attend parent meetings at beginning of season to learn about coaching philosophy and goals – do they match your goals and your child’s?
  • Understand how playing time will be divided or earned
  • Let the coach do his/her job
  • Do not coach from the sideline or yell at refs/coaches
  • Do not approach coach with issue during game or right after –let them decompress
  • Wait 24 hours if you are mad before calling or sending e-mail
  • Have child approach coach first about playing time or position or strategy, especially in club or high school sports. Only get involved if child asks you to – then first listen to coach’s perspective about the issue. Parents may not have all the info.

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