Bernie Sanders calls on Gov. Snyder to resign over Flint water

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Senator Bernie Sanders is the latest to call for Governor Rick Snyder’s resignation in wake of the ongoing Flint water crisis.

The Democratic presidential candidate released a statement Saturday saying Michigan’s Governor failed to deal with the rise in lead levels in children.

“There are no excuses. the governor long ago knew about the lead in Flint’s water. He did nothing. As a result, hundreds of children were poisoned. Thousands may have been exposed to potential brain damage from lead. Gov. Snyder should resign,” Sanders said.

“Because of the conduct by Gov. Snyder’s administration and his refusal to take responsibility, families will suffer from lead poisoning for the rest of their lives. Children in Flint will be plagued with brain damage and other health problems. The people of Flint deserve more than an apology.”

On Friday, Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette announced his office would immediately begin an investigation to determine what, if any, Michigan laws were violated.

Late Thursday, Snyder submitted an official request to President Barack Obama to issue an emergency and major disaster declaration for Flint. Snyder’s office said in a statement that it had asked for the declarations and is seeking additional federal aid for both individuals and public agencies involved in the effort to provide Flint residents with clean drinking water.

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  • Brian

    Funny how it is democrats asking him to resign but dis not ask the ones before synder to resign when they knew of the problem i don’t like synder that much but never just one man to blame

      • steve

        Democrats ran the city into the ground forcing Snyder to do something to try and save it.. The EPA(federal agency) knew the water was NOT safe to drink, hmmmm so the democrats run the federal government and cover it up and you blame the republicans,, typical liberal.

    • Carol

      Republicans are the ones that make everything so hard to deal with. Isn’t it funny that a republican didn’t do the right thing and now is asking the President for help and he is a Democrat.

      • NO PC FOR ME

        I hate to encumber you with facts Carol, but I will in the interest of, well, facts.
        First off, the Detroit-flint area has been under Democrat control for more the 50 years ( and it shows)
        Second, the EPA ( which has become a legislative body under Obama) knew about flints bad water for more than a year. So, why din’t the EPA handle it? ( too busy shutting down the coal industry and land grabs)

        And e city of flint knew about the bad water, and they did nothing.
        Don;;t you think it’s a little odd they ( the liberals) waited a year, which just happens to coincide with elections before they became concerned?
        There is just no way to blame the republicans ( except the RINOS) on this one. the facts point to putting politics ahead of peoples health. odd from the “party of love” that claims to “care” for the children eh?

    • Leroy

      What is wrong with you? Democrat or republican who gives a shit this man allowed this to happen and needs to be accountable. Have you all lost your minds?

  • Jay

    Whether he’s a Republican or Democrat doesn’t make a difference the fact that he had known there was a problem as serious as this and that he did not deal with it does not deserve him to loss his job that would be a slap on the wrist he needs to be put in prison and given the same water to drink that he gave the people in Flint to drink

  • Chad

    The most interesting aspect is this has been an issue for the city of Flint for years. The sewage systems have been extremely inadequate for years. This has been passed down from politician to politician for at least 30 years that I am aware of. I’m not sure whether or not this is Snyders fault but I can say with a clear conscious that today vs ten years ago it’s not a shameful thing to be a Michigander and we’re not sitting at the bottom anymore. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it is, as in the case of Flint, don’t forget the plethura of incompetent politicians who ignored it before Snyder.

  • Andrew

    Whether he is a Democrat or a Republican is irrelevant. NOBODY should be asking Snyder to resign, beause nobody should have to. If he had an ounce of integrity he would do it voluntarily, without having to rely on others to press him to do so. It is simply a matter of recognizing the ultimate acountability of your office, admitting that it was a horrible screw-up, and taking responsibility for it. That is in no way partisan, it holds true for every responsible adult on the planet. That said, he didn’t accept the responsibility for running Gateway into the ground and skating with all the profits while it slowly died, I do not expect that he will behave any differently now. He has demonstrated that he is not a responsible adult in the past, and unless he has matured since then I fully expect him to continue acting like a petulant child. That being the case, the more people calling for his resignation the better. Whether they are democrats or republicans matters little.

  • Trumpdashian

    Jail him- What he has done to Michigan is permanently DAMAGE its people, its economy, its pollution laws and its education system and he also stepped over the line with taking out elected officials because Snyder felt they were not good enough. WE are looking at GENOCIDE here. This man knowingly poisoned Flint Michigan. HE knew the demography and and the economic situation and he knew what could happen by pushing polluted river water at these poor people. HE needs to be held accountable for the damage incurred Michigan and its people. HE needs to step down and be arrested for this sad situation.

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