Constantine residents rally against, shoot down assault weapon ban

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CONSTANTINE, Mich. -- For now, it seems that an assault weapons ban in the Village of Constantine is unlikely to pass as residents and outsiders lobbied nearly unanimously against it.

Monday night, Constantine council president Patricia Weiss opened the floor for public comment. She made and distributed printouts of a New York Times editorial - End the Gun Epidemic in America that was published in early December to explain her rationale behind the ban.

What she didn't expect was to hear from over 20 people, speaking in unison against the possible ban.

The attendees in the room were less than receptive to the editorial, one man saying that Constantine is the wrong area to be talking about an assault weapons ban before accusing the New York Times of having a liberal bias.

Weiss even brought homemade cookies to calm tensions that were brought up at the council meeting two weeks prior, but even those didn't sway any to her side.

"I think she was trying to want to ban them," said Philip Lockwood, a resident of Constantine, "but she's starting to realize with as many people that came out tonight that she can't do that."

Resistance against a possible lawsuit - should a ban be enacted - was polled, with nearly the whole room raising their hands in protest.

Weiss took inspiration from the New York Times piece, claiming that she wanted to use a smaller town like Constantine to get the attention of legislators.

"I was thinking perhaps if there was enough interest in grassroots, maybe something could be started," she said.

Lockwood expressed his big-picture fear of what would happen if Constantine were to follow through on a ban, saying, "I think it's opening up a can if they do, because the next city is going to say, 'let's do what Constantine's done,' and it's just going to follow."

The assault weapon ban proposal was almost unilaterally shot down, but Weiss said she's going to rethink her idea, saying that she's still thinking about pushing it forward.

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  • Nate

    That’s right she knows what’s best and don’t give a damn about what the people want. Good for the people standing up to this lunatic. Damn proud to have good Americans and Michiganders standing up to liberal agendas.


    Now the residents of Constantine must recall these subversives for violating their oath of office, to uphold the constitution of the united states and their attempt to subvert the Michigan constitution.Recall them and consider filling charges for failure to uphold the constitution

    You counsel turned on you once.

  • Keet

    No such thing as an “assault weapon”. They don’t exist. Way to go, mayor, trying to ban something that doesn’t exist. What other boogie men do you have in your life that you need eradicated?

    Obviously the mayor is another 60’s radical trying to undo the constitution. I’d check what was in those cookies!

  • Mike

    Government officials need to educate themselves before they do something foolish like this. The media has propagated the idea that “semi-automatic” = “machine gun”, which is absolutely false, and that “assault” weapons are a problem. A hunting rifle holds larger, more powerful ammunition, and neither are involved in the largest number of violent deaths in this country. Plus, they need to learn about the Constitution before they trample it.

  • Tony

    I am a resident of Battle Creek and I would have been surprised if the residents of Constantine didn’t stand up against this kind of foolishness in their local government. I played football and baseball against the boys down in Constantine, I attest the people are some tough SOBs down there and am very happy the people stood up for their rights. If this Councilwoman wants to continue and dictate her own personal ideals on the people, I will not have any kind of issue rallying a group of friends and, if welcome, come down and protest with the people of Constantine.

  • Dan Daniels

    The truth of the matter is that the crime rate, including “gun crimes” and gun homicides is at a 30 year low despite the sunset of the “assault weapon ban”, liberalized concealed carry, steady gun ownership, stand your ground laws, and ignoring the DEMANDS of the “gun control lobby”.

    Everyday our leadership has an opportunity to look at the root causes of crime and violence such as poverty and lack of opportunity and education, the War on Drugs, our revolving door justice system including plea deals, as well as mental health and the role of SSRI drugs and enact policies to address these issues.

    It’s time to move on from “gun control”.

    It’s time to remove any politician that won’t.

  • Phil Evans

    What is Constantine, Michigan council president Patricia Weiss thinking? Michigan has state preemption of firearms. Any city ordinance banning any firearms would be unlawful and unenforceable. Weiss is just another arrogant politician who thinks she knows better than freedom loving citizens.

    Also, her assumption that people keep weapons out of fear of their neighbors is lacking in knowledge. Criminals often come in from outside the neighborhood. And even if I don’t buy an AR-15 rifle for self-defense, I might want one for sport shooting or just fun plinking. It’s none of her business why I would want one. And I wouldn’t surrender it even if she were allowed to ban them. I will not comply!