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Four women arrested in spa prostitution bust

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HARRISON TWP., Mich. – Four women have been arrested and charged for offering sex acts to male clients at a Macomb County spa.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team had been investigating the Sun Chinese Spa at the time of the arrests.  Detectives had learned that the business had been advertising for customers online. Investigators used surveillance and undercover detectives and then got a search warrant on January 14 to seize records at the business.  The business has been closed.

Five women, all employees, were arrested.  One woman was released after it was discovered that she had just arrived in Michigan on the same day the search was conducted.  The four women were charged with Maintaining a House of Prostitution, Accosting & Soliciting, and Using a Computer to Commit Crime.

The women are:

  • Meijuan Yu, 49
  • Suhua Mei, 44
  • Hongmei Qu, 26
  • Xiaoying Yu, 51

All four are from Harrison Township.  Investigators say Mei is in the U.S. illegally.  The immigration status of the other three is unknown.

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  • Joy Washburn

    Are the investigators looking into the possibility that this is actually a human trafficking situation? Sex trafficking in massage parlors/spas is quite common. The women who were arrested may have been smuggled into the USA and then held in indentured servitude to the the people who brought them there. Sadly, many of the women who are trafficked in massage parlors/spas want to come to the USA to better their lives. They are told a story that isn’t true by the traffickers ~ that they will be working in a health club, a fitness center, or a shop when they get to the USA. When the women arrive at these establishments, they find out what they were told was a lie as the reality is quite different in that they must work off their debt bondage to the people who brought them to the USA by “servicing” the male customers ~ they are threatened with harm if they do not comply. It seems to me that the men who run these places are the real criminals as they exploit the women in that the women become a product that is for sale. In such a situation, the forced sex and forced labor make it a human trafficking situation.

    • NO PC FOR ME

      Its very possible. Since Obama has declared the border wide open and stopped any vetting. They can just waltz right on in and set up shop.
      You remind me of Sean Peen and El Chapo, Peen says its not El’s fault he’s a drug lord, its the fault of Americans who buy his products. El is the victim….

      Nice try at blaming “the men” tho.


    Hard to imagine illegals doing illegal things, and tax free.
    Illegals are eligible for benefits, why would they want to brake our laws?

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