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Frankly Speaking: A Break From the Snow

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Good morning!  If you’re like me, this morning you stepped outside and thought “Wow, it feels a lot better now than it did the last several mornings!”

DMA_LowTemps (2)

Unless you were in the northern portion of West Michigan, you probably shared my sentiments.  Temperatures ranged from 10-15 degrees warmed this morning.  Not only did the wind not blow too much this morning, but any wind that picked up, was from the west and southwest directions.


We’re quiet for the next few days.  The northeast certainly is not!  Blizzard Watch in effect for the Washington DC area.  Here’s a snapshot of a future radar projection.  Heavy snow falls and the winds are expected to be very strong as well.  If you’re traveling anytime this weekend, chances are your flights will be impacted in some way.


That’s a pretty good amount of snow just from one system.  Keep in mind these are projections from just a couple of days out, but still very impressive numbers are expected, which is why you’ll hear about it from the national circuits a lot over the next couple days.

Panel4A (2)

To put it in perspective, this snowfall season we’ve only seen just over 20 inches of snow thus far.  Last year at this time we had over 50.  Some areas in the northeast will see this with just one storm!

3DayForecast_Full_Tomorrow (5)

No snow for us until the beginning of next week, and even that looks light.  Weekend here looks excellent, and we’ll even catch some rays as we climb above freezing for Sunday.  Have a great finish to the week and we’ll see you tomorrow morning!


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