Frankly Speaking: Light Snow Through Tuesday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hope you had a great weekend!  It’s been a very pleasant start to the week as temperatures have been fairly mild for this time of the morning, this time of the year.

DMA_Temps Last 24 HR (1)

Temps even snuck up to 31 in Muskegon this morning!  To give you an idea how mild this is, normally we’d expect that for a high temperature in the afternoon.

Midwest_Temps (1)

Our winds have been out of the south/southeast all morning long.  There is a milder air mass to our southwest, and this will be responsible for the change in our weather the next 24 hours.

Garry AM Dayplanner (4)

Daylight hours look dry though.  Breaks in the clouds are already prevalent in many spots in West Michigan at this hour, but that’ll change by the afternoon.

RPM 1 (13)

If you’re heading home around 5 or 6 PM, things will just remain cloudy.  We may see some isolated rain showers at this point, but most areas are just cloudy.

RPM 2 (11)

Precip begins as rain at this point, as you’ll note that temps will still be 5 or so degrees above freezing.  We may see a few flakes mix in near Big Rapids at this point, but most areas stick to rain.

RPM 3 (10)

The transition to snow really ramps up as the 5 AM timeframe rolls around.  Temps will still be warm enough to where the roadways won’t see much of it stick.

RPM 4 (9)

Colder air moves in and winds switch to the west.  This is where we’ll see our temps fall and lake effect bands will be enhanced.  Snow continues throughout the day as well.

RPM 5 (6)

As temps fall to the freezing mark, accumulation will begin to pick up more on the roadways than it had in hours past.  This will cause slick spots on the roads, especially on areas west of US-131.

Garry Snow Totals (1)

Snowfall totals areawide will be lower because of the warmer temperatures.  We’ll see a couple of higher totals mixed in near the lakeshore in heavier lake effect bands, but most areas won’t see too much.  If the temperature gets colder, we’ll see a bit more snow.  Right now, it looks like Tuesday night’s and Wednesday morning’s commute will be the most slick.

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