Donald Trump says he’s out of Thursday’s debate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (AP) — When Fox News holds the final Republican presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump won’t be there.

His campaign confirms the GOP front-runner has bowed out of Thursday night’s event. Earlier, Trump called Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly a “lightweight.”

The Republican candidates are set to square off in the Fox News debate Thursday night, their last debate before Monday’s Iowa caucuses.

Trump previously had said he may not show up. But campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said during a Tuesday evening news conference in Marshalltown, Iowa, that the GOP front-runner “will not be participating in the Fox News debate Thursday.”

Trump has criticized Fox News for “playing games” and for including anchor Megyn Kelly as a debate moderator. He says Kelly is a third-rate reporter who is bad at her job and shouldn’t be allowed to participate.

Fox News anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump is used to getting his way but can’t control the media.

Kelly responded Tuesday evening on her Fox News show, “The Kelly File,” to Trump’s announcement that he will boycott Thursday night’s Republican debate hosted by Fox News amid an ongoing dispute with Kelly and the network.

Kelly said her network and chief executive Roger Ailes had made it clear to Trump for months that they wouldn’t change their moderator line-up to suit his preferences.

Kelly says she’ll be at the debate, which will “go on with or without Mr. Trump.”

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    • Andrew

      Buffoon, yes. But he is not a wanton criminal like Hillary (who is also a buffoon, btw), or a proud Communist like Sanders, or an establishment puppet like Cruz. And he is a demonstrated capable leader, a man of action, who is not afraid of making tough decisions or passing them on to the next guy.

      If you went to a good school, you were taught about our greatest presidents throughout the history of this country, and you learned that each and every one of them were considered to be social misfits…buffoons. So I don’t see that as being necessarily a hindrance to performing well as this country’s president, and if history is any indication it may even be a help Every time we have reached out of the establishment to elect an outsider as president it has worked brilliantly.

  • Wii watch movie

    News channels should stop trying to win or lose an election the way they see fit. It’s up to voters not stupid CNN or fox. Now I see no reason to watch this debate.

  • OnIt

    A man of principle! Kudo’s. The first debate was an example of the mods overplaying their roles. I swore off Kelly that night. Fox Business did a much better job. Fox owed the repubs an apology the first time, but weren’t big enough to admit they sucked. They needed a smackdown & Trump provided it. He has my vote.

  • OnIt

    The dems won’t even do a Fox debate!! But they’ll pile on here, won’t they?!!
    Reagan pulled out of the last debate in Iowa too, for the record.

  • Slow talkin

    Trump, we want a real leader not afraid to make the tough decisions like ending welfare, building a wall , stopping ilegal immigration, stopping the turn toward socialism ( which most blacks want as they’re too lazy to work). But please stop with the Twitter rants and the running of the mouth and you could be that guy. Thank you