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  • Spray Pal (originally from Michigan)

Product:  Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer & Splatter Shield

  • Makes cloth diapers EASY for anyone to manage at home.
  • The sprayer is very easy to install without any special tools required. Anyone can do it in just a few minutes! (photos on back of box show how it hooks up to the toilet).
  • The Spray Pal shield was invented by a couple of teachers who were using cloth on their baby when they solved this problem of how to clean them before washing once their baby started solids. They've now both quit their day jobs to help make cloth mainstream with Spray Pal!


  • GroVia

Product(s): O.N.E. Diaper & O.N.E. Diaper Hook/Loop Replacement Kit

  • Absorbency is easily customized and the cotton soaker pads themselves are deceptively absorbent; unlike most cloth diaper systems, this diaper works for most babies both day and night without the need to purchase extra pieces.
  • Outlast Closure: Allows caregiver to choose between Hook and Loop ("Velcro") or Snap closure. No-sew replacement when Hook and Loop wears out.
  • N.E. was designed to answer the questions and doubts of parents who came to the world of cloth diapers overwhelmed by the choices they would have to make in order to begin--it packs most of those choices into a single diaper.


  • Logan & Lenora

Product(s): Wet + Dry Daytripper, Classic Wet Bag,  Wet + Dry Diaper Clutch

  • Classy solutions to everyday messes, such as cloth diapers. The waterproof lining will keep that mess and stink contained until you get home.
  • Toxin-free medical grade waterproof lining, sealed seams
  • Sturdy canvas exterior fabric, in classy prints
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Colorado


  • Lalabye Baby

Products(s): Lalabye Baby one-size cloth diaper, Lalabye Baby newborn cloth diaper

  • One-size diapers truly fit from newborn to potty training aprox 7lbs-35+
  • Color-coded snaps allow for parents to remember sizing child is at for a perfect fit everytime.
  • One of the trimmest cloth diapers on the market while still very absorbent.
  • We do also offer a newborn diaper for premies and newborns fitting from 4lbs - 15lbs. Velcro closures allow for a better fit on tiny newborn legs and quick diaper changes.
  • Absorbency is customizable which is important as your babies needs change quickly and often.


  • Molly’s Suds

Products(s): Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder, Laundry Powder 120 Loads, 100% Wool Dryer Balls

  • Molly's Suds is affordable and truly safe for people AND the planet, formulated with pure, earth and plant derived ingredients, without the formulated with pure, earth and plant derived ingredients, without the use of synthetic fragrance, dyes, carcinogens, surfactants or known human toxins. Our products work well with all machine types, including HE.
  • Our Cloth Diaper Powder is safe and effective for cloth diapers and all baby laundry, formulated for sensitive skin, and is comprised of only four earth-derived ingredients!
  • Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder is formulated with just five earth derived ingredients and made especially for sensitive skin.
  • Plus it is rated A on (The Environmental Working Group)!
  • Toss your wet laundry in the dryer along with Molly’s Suds 100% hand-felted Wool Dryer Balls, which reduce drying time up to 30%.


  • Allen’s Naturally (Michigan business)

Product(s): 5lb Bag of Laundry Powder, 1qt Bottle of Stink Out! w/ Pump $14.95 (stink out) Pump

  • Since 1979 Allen's Naturally has been making fragrance and dye free products. I think it's fair to say Allen was ahead of the times and could see these were potential irritants for many down the road He also cared deeply for the environment and thought it was important to create concentrated products lasting a long time to reduce repetitive purchasing of containers.
  • In 2007 when cloth diapering was beginning its resurgence, Allen's Naturally was contacted by manufacturers of cloth diapers and told it cleaned better than other detergents! We are backed AMP, Bumkins and more...
  • Because our laundry detergent is truly 4x concentrated only 1/4 - 1/2 oz per load of cloth diapers despite the machine type (suggest to start with 1/4 oz in HE Machines) is required


  • Thirsties

Product(s): Booty Luster 4 oz , Booty Luster 8 oz , Booty Love


Booty Love

  • Certified Organic diaper ointment that moisturizes and nourishes baby's sensitive skin
  • Use this diaper ointment between diaper changes and after baths to soothe and prevent diaper rash
  • Can also be used to aid in the healing of minor cuts, burns and skin irritations.

Booty Luster

  • With a refreshing lavender scent, the Booty Luster formula is an alcohol free, non-toxic, non-irritating solution that cleanses, soothes, and aids in diaper rash prevention.
  • Booty Luster’s custom formula loosens waste to thoroughly cleanse while gently moisturizing your baby's skin
  • For optimal results, mist your baby’s soiled diaper area with Booty Luster at every diaper change


  • Smart Bottoms (Michigan Business)

Product(s): Smart One All-in-One Diaper, Born Smart Newborn Diaper, Hanging Wet Bag, Side-snapping Swim Diaper, Trainer

  • All of our products are 100% manufactured in the United States.
  • Our diapers are made of organic cotton.
  • Our patent pending design allows our diaper to wash easily, dry quickly, and easily be adjusted to meet baby's absorbency needs.

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