The next Flint? Criminal probe in Ohio town after high levels of lead found in water

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CLEVELAND (AP) — The head of Ohio’s environmental agency is calling for a criminal investigation after the operator of a water treatment plant in northeast Ohio failed to tell the public that high levels of lead and copper had been detected in some homes last summer.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Director Craig Butler said in a statement Sunday that officials are “taking steps” to revoke the operating license of the plant operator in Sebring.

The statement says the EPA has “reason to suspect” that the operator falsified reports.

The water system serves about 8,100 customers in Sebring, about 60 miles southeast of Cleveland.

Sebring schools canceled classes Friday and Monday.

The city manager said last week that seven of 20 homes where the water is routinely tested showed the high levels of the contaminants.

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1 Comment

  • J.B.

    not only am i starting to see what is wrong with our education systems in this country, the general stupidity of our general population, i am also starting to see how our present political leadership has gotten elected so many times…..

    Add this to the importation of the zika virus and you really have to start to wonder if some political think tank in DC was not watching the movie “idiocracy” and thinking…..yeah…we could really make this happen!
    we already have the healthcare system and the president and half the population looking and acting like cast members of the movie….

    Remember folks, Drink Brawndo! it gots electrolytes!