Dash camera video takes close look at deadly crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORTAGE, Mich. — Dash camera video reveals exactly what happened moments before Crystal Norton’s tragic death on January 9. The video shows police driving at high speeds, with sirens blaring, trying to pull over 17-year-old David Mills.

“David Mills refuses to stop for a city officer,” said Nick Armold, senior deputy chief with the Portage Police Department, detailing what’s in the video. “You’ll see our officer begin to pull behind Mr. Mills. He decides he is going to cut through a private parking lot and take off before our officer has even attempted to stop him.”

Portage police say Mills led them on a chase at speeds of 80 mph, which started in Kalamazoo and ended in Portage. Crystal Norton, 33 of Paw Paw, was pulling out of driveway and onto Oakland Drive when she was hit.

“I believe our officers did everything within their power to try to stop his reckless behavior,” said Armold. “It was David Mills who made the decisions to do all of those things and we did our best to try to stop him.”

Charles Norton, Crystal’s brother, said he’s seen the video.

“It’s a terrible situation and it's a loss,” said Norton. “I want justice for Crystal. I want justice for my family. I would like this teenager to be held accountable for his actions."

Norton said it's been difficult for the family since everything happened.

“We’re all upset and frustrated but she [Crystal] would not want any hatred or anger or grudges held against David or his family,” said Norton. “Both families are grieving right now.”

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  • Lorraine Mitchell

    This is disgusting sensationalism and shameless profiteering off the misfortune of others. It is yellow journalism at its tabloid worst.
    Shame on Fox for this! People are grieving, and there is not one shred of public service which is met by posting this video.
    On behalf of all of West Michigan, I apologize to the family for the appalling disregard our local news network has for your feelings specifically, and human decency in general.

  • Denise Stearns

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
    This woman was our friend and neighbor.
    Please take this video down, and think about this sort of thing before you publish in the future!

  • Bernadette

    What is this, the news or a reality TV show?
    Can the crap, Fox. Get rid of the video and get back to reporting the news.
    Come on!

  • Kenny

    Meh. No different than posting video of OJ in the white Bronco. If people watch it, it counts as news in the 21st century. Who cares. Besides, the cops have to cover thier butts on this because someone died while they were chasing a car at high speeds through a residential area instead of falling back to get the guy to slow down. (Good luck with that one, btw.)

    • Michael S.

      Who cares? I bet the family of the victim cares. Everyone else in the comments cares. The question isn’t “who cares”, the question is “why don’t you”?
      Disrespect for someone’s memory is disresect for their life. Disrespect for life is a deplorable and socially destructive quality. Why you have it is irrelevant. That lots of people have it is irrelevant. It is wrong, and popularity can not make it right. It should be taken down out of respect for the life of the person who was needlessly killed.